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Oleeo Provides All Wales’ Police Recruitment Platform

Oleeo, the leading global provider of e-Recruitment software, has been announced as the provider of applicant tracking systems to all four police forces across Wales, as part of the All Wales Human Resources and Learning Development Services Collaboration Project.

Using Oleeo software, the four forces will now run all police officer recruitment on one system. It has been configured by representatives from each police force, will process thousands of applications and for the first time ensure a consistent, fast and streamlined application experience for recruiters and candidates alike.

The new system has made the recruitment process significantly more efficient by creating an online application and assessments which can be completed at the applicant’s own pace. Previously applicants would have to rely on the police force contact to complete this process. 

This was a large project involving multiple stakeholders, including the resourcing and IT teams from all four forces, sign-off from the Chief Constables of each force, higher education institutions, the Oleeo team, external assessment and bodies such as the College of Policing, SHL and PSI-online. The system also had to be able to cope with the internal differences between forces, and be capable of balancing the needs of both small and big forces, as well as the Welsh Language Act and a new behavioural style sift.

Since going live on 24 July 2018, the forces have realised many benefits, including:

  • Team collaboration on ensuring the software helps deliver a focus of improving recruitment across Wales. All staff have an opportunity to support and learn from each other and all made to feel they are part of the solution
  • Information is held on the system in one location as opposed to four and can generate instant data/statistics for analytical purposes. This was previously not available
  • Automation has reduced the need for multiple stages, paperwork and double keying, meaning there is improved efficiency and a better experience for the customer. There are long term cost savings and the time taken to reach assessment level has gone from eight weeks to as little as just two hours.
  • All Wales has one e-platform capable of adapting to multiple ways of use – no matter if being used by one force, two forces, three forces or as an all force model.
  • The system and project have built positive relationships across the four Welsh forces and provided a physical product outcome to All Wales Collaboration for the first time.
  • Improved benefits around Welsh language monitoring, equality monitoring and support
  • An overall consistent and standardised approach to recruitment across Wales’ police forces.

All Wales Deputy Chief Constable Bob Evans said: “This has been an innovative step by the four Welsh forces in Wales and a great success. While the forces have saved considerable time in administration we would hope that the candidates feel more supported and find the process is geared considerably more to their needs than was the case before. It gives candidates real control over their application and the flexibility to be completed when it suits them.

“The four forces have fully recognised the need to work together and despite challenges of integrating existing systems, barriers and hurdles have been quickly overcome by the desire to get this project up and running within three and half months. This shows us what can be done when we share efforts and best practice across four forces”.

Charles Hipps, CEO at Oleeo, added: “We are delighted to support the All Wales project with intelligent talent acquisition software that will help make police recruitment much more seamless across Wales. Policing is such a vital part of any community and it is essential that forces can identify and recruit the best talent to be on the beat as fast as possible. Our intelligent automation is an asset to doing this and we are excited to see early transformation, which will continue to evolve over time in this country.”

Commended by the Association of Chief Police Officers, Oleeo for Police Recruitment is used by over 60% of forces across England and Wales. It is the only solution available to use national application forms and make them configurable to the needs of regional recruitment teams to help ensure forces recruit to reflect the communities they serve.

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