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Oleeo Announces Corporate Privatisation

Move allows company to accelerate innovation in artificial intelligence-enabled recruiting

LONDON, UK – November 7, 2019 – Oleeo, the pioneer in artificial intelligence-enabled recruiting technology solutions, today announced its corporate privatisation from the London Stock Exchange. The change enables Oleeo to accelerate its artificial intelligence (AI) technology innovations and market expansion, while also increasing its investments in customer success.

“Oleeo has been profitable and self-funded for the past 16 years and today our recruiting technology solutions are used by over 400 employers to attract, engage, and hire their workforces,” says Oleeo Founder and CEO Charles Hipps. “Over the last two years alone we have invested millions of pounds in research and development, as well as customer success. Corporate privatisation gives us the flexibility to invest even more to fast-track our growth.”

The name Oleeo is based on the ancient word “olio,” which means a diverse collection of things that come together to make something beautiful. Oleeo’s purpose is to help its customers attract, engage, and hire amazing diverse teams that can change the world for the better. Oleeo’s vision for the use of AI and automation in recruiting is key to achieving this.

Innovation in AI and Automation in Recruiting

Oleeo is pioneering the application of AI and automation to enable more efficient, effective, and inclusive recruiting practices. With the agility achieved through corporate privatization Oleeo plans to accelerate its investments in this area. Today a few of Oleeo’s AI and automation applications include:

  • Candidate scoring: Leveraging prescriptive analytics and thousands of candidate and employee data attributes, Oleeo’s candidate scoring helps recruiters widen and diversify the candidate pool while also streamlining candidate screening. Recruiters can quickly and confidently move top-scoring candidates through to the next stage in the process, focusing their screening time and expertise on mid-scoring candidates.
  • Diversity and inclusion (D&I) insights: Oleeo provides analytic dashboards, giving customers insights into the factors that are creating bias in candidate selection, the areas of their processes that are most effective at achieving positive recruiting outcomes, and the state of D&I in their recruiting pipelines. 
  • Name blind: Oleeo’s name blind capability leverages machine learning to mask candidate names and other attributes to reduce unconscious bias in recruiting.
  • Content personalization: In support of

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