Why Is Campus Recruitment Important?

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Campus recruitment is a great way to build a fresh and talented workforce for your business.

There are various ways to execute excellent campus recruitment to achieve exceptional results for a loyal and talented workforce.

What Is Campus Recruitment?

Campus recruitment is known as building professional working relationships with university or college graduates, or soon-to-be graduates, with the intention of hiring the best talent for graduate schemes, internships or full-time employment. This may be achieved through work experience, volunteer opportunities, or a direct offer of employment.

Why Is Campus Recruitment Useful for Companies?

In 2020, a study by the team at National Graduate Week concluded that 48% of UK students are unsure of what career path to take upon finishing their degree. Campus recruitment provides a ready-made solution for the undecided undergraduate by supplying them with a graduate role, sometimes even before their final year is finished.

By using campus recruitment as a company, you can also build brand loyalty, both from a consumer viewpoint and from an employment perspective. To achieve this, you can work with universities and colleges by offering integrated work experience, or internships that run alongside university courses. 

This approach is beneficial for your company and the university. Not only does the company gain access to a ready-made talent pool, but by introducing candidates to the brand early and working with them before approaching with an employment offer, you can build a lasting partnership. 

Additionally, the university also gets a cut of the success by gaining a higher percentage of students in full-time employment following graduation (a statistic that is used as a notable marketing technique for universities).

Campus recruitment can also eliminate a lot of talent competition for skilled candidates. By canvassing your company’s benefits, job roles and keeping regular contact with students, they are far more likely to accept your offer than to look elsewhere.

How Can Recruitment Software Help You with Campus Recruitment?

Recruitment software like Oleeo is a fantastic tool for helping you with bulk processing of candidates, intelligent selection using artificial intelligence, and removing bias from candidate selection and job postings. 

There is also a deep emphasis on candidate experience, with a longstanding value on building meaningful relationships with candidates. 

If you want to get involved with campus recruitment, or book a demo, contact us today.


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