Applicant Tracking System UK: How to achieve a smooth hiring process

The ideal Applicant Tracking System for UK companies will smooth out the high-volume recruitment process.

Oleeo’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) levels up your recruitment process. Core features, AI, and automation mean that your recruiters and HR team can do more with less. 

Let the Oleeo applicant tracking system streamline your recruiting process!

Our cutting-edge ATS software builds AI and automation into every process of your requisition efforts. Our ATS solution frees up valuable time for your hiring managers, in-house recruiters, and other HR personnel. Not only that, but your candidates will have a much more positive experience and be more likely to accept your offer. 

We know how much you have on your plate when it comes to recruiting and hiring in the UK. You have job adverts, candidates, interviews, talent pools, new hires, onboarding, and so much else to organize and maintain!

That’s why we want to make things easy with our system. We offer more than a standard ATS. We provide highly tailored solutions for UK businesses that make acquisition and onboarding as smooth as possible. Our ATS takes the pain out of recruiting and helps your team work more efficiently.

It’s all about helping you attract and hire the best candidates while spending as little time and money as possible. 

Why Choose Oleeo’s Applicant Tracking System for Your Recruitment Software?

1) A UK applicant tracking system tailored to your needs

Most ATS solutions are US-centric. They don’t understand the finer details of recruiting in the UK market. You can’t force square pegs into round holes. Oleeo Recruit is custom-built around the High Volume Recruiting your UK business needs.

Speaking of “square pegs and round holes”, not every industry in the UK is the same when it comes to recruitment processes. Oleeo Recruit is a highly configurable solution which helps to ensure companies that use Oleeo have an ATS that works for them rather than against them.

Before you get started with our ATS, discuss what your hiring goals are. Do you need access to more job boards? Or are you struggling to recruit the right people? With answers in hand, we customize our software to meet your requirements. 

2) Secure diverse talent with the best ATS UK software

It’s not just on HR to promote inclusion and Diversity—it’s up to everyone at your company. Oleeo’s ATS helps you get started on the right track by removing barriers and unconscious bias from the recruitment process. 

Our AI scans and segments your UK talent pool without pre-existing notions. AI sourcing helps ensure your outreach efforts pull in diverse candidates. Anonymous screening automation ensures that your in-house recruiters aren’t unconsciously choosing candidates based on demographic information like gender, name, or location. 

You can expect a competitive advantage with a more fair and inclusive recruiting process.

3) Hire faster than ever before with the best UK-based applicant tracking system

You want your hiring team to find the right candidates as quickly as possible. Every day a position remains unfilled represents a loss of revenue—it also means you’re still spending money on acquisition!

Thanks to AI and Automation, our ATS can reduce your time to hire by 50%. That’s good news for UK businesses like yours because it means you can spend resources elsewhere. Our applicant tracking software can streamline the intake process for your HR team. You’ll fill positions quicker and get new team members onboard at a rapid pace.

4) Reel in high-quality candidates with the top UK applicant tracking system

Job candidates in the UK are looking to work with companies that blow them away. An engaging recruitment process will ensure you start your new relationship off on the right foot. Oleeo Talent Pool allows your portal to track every applicant and automate workflows to engage. 

Oleeo’s Search & Match tool can leverage your candidate bank so that whenever you create a new job, you will already have a ranked list of suitable candidates from your candidate bank that are ready to interview. Being able to go straight from job creation to inviting candidates for an interview on the same day massively cuts down on your Cost and Time to Hire! 

Our recruitment software comes with Interview Self-Scheduling allowing candidates to set and manage their interviews from the device of their choice. You can also automate offer management and pre-boarding workflows. All of this helps you give candidates rapid responses that keep the hiring process running smoothly. 

5) Oleeo Recruit applicant tracking system features

  • Dynamic Workflows

Use ATS software to leverage data to automate tailored workflows across the source, select, and hire lifecycle. Our applicant tracking system will allow your hiring managers to reduce the time-to-hire and get your new employees up and running.

  • Intelligent Job Posting

The Oleeo online applicant tracking system allows you to be smarter with your recruiting and target the best candidates with programmatic job postings and ad campaigns that help you find the right person for the role and your next great company asset.

Recruiting software such as our applicant tracking system allows you to target qualified candidates best suited to the vacancy by creating a more accurate job description and posting to multiple job boards.

  • Intelligent Writing

Oleeo’s intelligent ATS flags wording that is gender biased in job postings, suggesting alternative phrases that are more neutral. Helping you source more gender-diverse applicants who can bring new perspectives to your company culture.

  • Intelligent Selection

Oleeo’s online applicant tracking system, designed with built-in intelligent automation for candidate screening, highlights great applicants and filters out unqualified candidates. Significantly reducing your talent acquisition admin.

  • Tailored Applications

Employ ATS software to ensure an exceptional candidate experience with tailored application forms and social capabilities. When job seekers have a positive experience with your hiring process, it can contribute to their overall performance and help them demonstrate why they’re the best candidates for the role.

Plus, when it comes to recruiting for your next vacancy, they may even offer up employee referrals which can lead to more in-house talent acquisition!

  • Manage Candidates

Applicant tracking systems allow you to manage candidates through automation and better organization: create flags, add priorities, leverage evaluation forms, capture notes, rejection reasons, and more.

The amount of automation you use is entirely up to you; you can tailor our applicant tracking system to conduct a wide range of steps, including video interviewing, or you can simply use it to track candidates.

6) Maximize your talent acquisition potential with applicant tracking systems

Improve the hiring process of your firm and make better use of your hiring managers’ time with Oleeo’s applicant tracking systems.


Looking for information on ATS Implementation? Read our guide


FAQs about ATS software in the UK

What is an applicant tracking system?

An applicant tracking system or ATS is software that streamlines the recruitment and hiring processes. It gives your hiring team a centralized hub to manage job listings, resumes, candidates, talent pools, offers and other processes. 

Advanced ATS platforms like Oleeo use AI and Automation to improve the way recruiters work and attract top talent. They also provide candidates with an engaging experience that gives them a great first impression of your company. 

An ATS is essential for businesses experiencing rapid growth or with high-demand job openings. 

How does an applicant tracking system work?

Oleeo ATS emulates the mind of your best hiring managers. AI technology scans resumes for keywords and criteria that would pique the interest of your recruiters. And it’s able to do this at lightning speed while Reducing Bias and promoting diversity. 

Automation feeds your team the best candidates while saving them from repetitive, manual tasks. It filters candidates based on qualifications and experience without human error. Besides rapid screening, an ATS makes recruiting easy to manage from one space with monitoring tools and automated workflows.

Do UK companies use ATS?

Most Fortune 500 companies and large organizations use an ATS. But any size business with high volume needs is likely to use applicant tracking software.

Due to growing demand, businesses are spoilt for choice with the amount of ATS software platforms available today. However, the majority of applicant tracking software is focused on US companies. The best UK applicant tracking system for any business is one customized for its needs. 

Recruiting software like Oleeo is built with unique features for startups, SMBs, and large businesses based in the UK. 

What are the benefits of a UK-based applicant tracking system?

There are many key benefits of a UK-based ATS. Platforms like Oleeo Recruit streamline the entire recruitment and hiring process. They allow you to post and manage job listings to multiple job boards with just a few clicks. 

AI and automated workflows eliminate mundane tasks, saving your team loads of time. Alerts, self-scheduling, and automatic replies help build your brand and better engage candidates. A central space to manage your entire talent pipeline promotes easy collaboration amongst your team. 

Applicant tracking systems UK recruiters need should help them work smarter with hiring analytics and reporting. Most importantly, Recruitment Software reduces the time to hire as well as the cost of recruitment.

What features should UK applicant tracking systems have?

Not all UK-based applicant tracking systems are created equal. The bare essential features you need from a solution include:

  • Integrated publishing of job listings to career sites
  • Branded job pages
  • Online application forms
  • Automated email replies to applicants
  • Interview self-scheduling
  • Candidate profiles and management portal

UK businesses are better served by ATS software that builds AI and automation into every step of the recruitment and hiring process. This includes automated workflows for screening, background and reference checks, and offer management. 

Other desirable features include intelligent job posting campaigns and inclusive writing tools.

Do applicant tracking systems improve the efficiency of UK recruitment and staffing firms?

Application tracking systems streamline many steps and processes involved in recruitment. UK-based staffing firms gain many of the same benefits as businesses using in-house recruiters. This includes easier job postings, automated screenings, and improved candidate management. 

Recruiting firms can use an ATS as a central place to manage their talent pool. Dashboard reporting and analytics give recruiters greater visibility into areas like the performance of individual job sites. These insights and more help them work smarter and cast a more efficient recruitment net. 

How much does an ATS cost in the UK? 

The average cost of an applicant tracking system is at a starting price of roughly £2,500 pa. Bear in mind with more customisation and advanced Applicant Tracking System Features, costs can escalate to £10,000 pa or higher. 

Additionally, many platforms are priced per license. So the bigger the recruitment team, the more it will cost. Oleeo tailors its recruitment software for UK businesses based on size and need. You can book a consultation today and find out how spending a little can save you a lot!

What is the best ATS for my UK business?

The best ATS for you is one that is focused on helping you elevate the way you recruit!

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