Why Use Recruitment Software?

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For many years, recruitment was executed through hours of reading and sorting applications, writing replies to candidates, and shortlisting. 

The improvement in technology has brought about a rise in a more candidate-focused way of recruiting that places more emphasis on talent retention than ever before.

Here we look at why recruitment tools are useful for companies looking to fill large numbers of vacancies, and the benefits it can bring.

It Can Make the Recruitment Process Much Faster

Automating large parts of the process can streamline your recruitment, making it easier to fill positions faster, and collect the right data from each applicant.

The data gained from successful candidates will then make the software smarter for the next round of applicants, and help it find the best ones faster.

Additionally, research has shown that many recruiters are in close competition for talented candidates, and taking longer to respond to applicants or being slow to make job offers can often mean that competitors who have quicker recruitment processes can often take the upper hand with selecting the best candidates.

Oleeo features automated communication features that can make interactions between applicants and recruiters personalized and streamlined, and can ensure a greater probability of hiring the best candidates.

Increase the Quality of Your Hiring

The ultimate aim of every recruitment campaign is to find the best possible candidate for the role, and recruiting software helps you to find an applicant who possesses the right skills, qualifications, and industry experience to become an integral part of your team.

Oleeo uses artificial intelligence to build metrics and analytics, to filter and screen applications and CVs for keywords relating to the qualities you wish to see in an ideal applicant.

Advocating Diversity and Inclusion All the Way

With diversity and inclusion policies paving the way for a workforce based on talent without bias, Oleeo uses Intelligent Writing software to remove gender-biased words from job descriptions. 

Research has shown that using overtly masculine or feminine vocabulary can have adverse effects on the gender balance of applications.

A recent report by Samsung showed that 46% of the UK’s workforce use gender-biased terms at work, and 28% of workers say that the language can hold them back from their full potential. The removal of gendered vocabulary can make the recruitment process more inclusive for everyone, allowing for a more representative workplace.

Increasingly, recruitment software is making its global mark on mass hiring, and it’s an industry that’s set to only get bigger in response to the increasing reliance on digital recruitment. 


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