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Infographic showing the benefits of recruiting automation

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A guide to automation in recruitment.

In order to make sure a business attracts quality as well as quantity; recruiters need to use the data they gather more efficiently. Recruitment Automation and automated processes enable employees to filter the best candidates quickly to the top, so they can report on ‘real people’ not just numbers.

Using Oleeo Technology.

What is Recruitment Automation? Far from being dehumanised, a basic definition of automation in recruitment can be summarised as processes that facilitate:

Identifying people with targeted keywords within their social media profiles.

Helping recruiters focus their maximum attention and time on qualified candidates using early CV screening software

Ensuring dedicated time for employers to support greater candidate experiences and issuing bespoke communications

Streamlining the fluency of the application process and where possible the speed to hire and any onboarding processes that can be done online.

What are the benefits of recruitment automation? Used well, recruitment automation turns best practice into common practice by providing structure, consistency and fairness to recruitment activities and systems. Benefits on offer to recruiters include:

Why now?

In cases where volume recruitment is occurring, an e-recruitment system that incorporates automation can help recruiters find the right candidates for the right roles, quickly. It removes human error and bias, whilst encouraging human interaction when appropriate and necessary. Organisations that have not incorporated automation into their recruitment systems are in danger of being left behind and losing the best talent to competitors.

The key to attract, engage and hire the right diverse teams

The power to make a positive impact in the world is infinitely more possible when you assemble diverse teams of people with the right skills and shared motivations. The key to attracting, engaging and hiring the right diverse teams is removing bias and unleashing recruiting potential by breaking the sources of talent wide open. If you continually source talent from inside your comfort zone, you’ll miss out on the diverse thinking required to innovate. So we’ve uncomplicated the process of attracting, engaging and hiring talent from anywhere through the use of intelligent automation.

Algorithms are smarter (and faster) than we are. While humans are great at forming relationships, we’re not so great at forming unbiased decisions. When we let machines use data to make prescriptive recommendations we are free to spend more time on the high touch, human side of talent acquisition – nurturing great relationships. With intelligent automation, talent acquisition teams gain the efficiency they need to break the sources of talent wide open to quickly attract, engage and hire the diverse talent they need to drive innovation. Click the buttons below to access the infographic or talk to us today about how we can assist.

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Oleeo would be delighted to hear about your talent acquisition needs to see if we can help you. Get in touch today!

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Oleeo would be delighted to hear about your talent acquisition needs to see if we can help you. Get in touch today!