Diversity Insights Datasheet


Diversity Insights Datasheet .

Part of the Oleeo Recruiting Enablement platform, Oleeo Insights: Diversity is a SaaS solution that provides Talent Acquisition leaders with pre-built metrics, analytics, and visuals that answer questions about the state of diversity in recruiting and give insights into how to achieve diversity goals.

Oleeo Insights: Diversity dives into the topic of diversity, answering questions about the state of diversity in recruiting and giving insights into how to achieve diversity goals. The following questions are included in the solution. Only access insights into the Diversity topics that matter to you. While Oleeo Insights: Diversity includes pre-built metrics, analytics, and visuals related to gender, race, religion, age, disability, and sexual orientation, only the data you specify during onboarding with Oleeo will be included in the solution.


With automation and intelligence built-in end-to-end, the Oleeo Recruiting Enablement platform is an award-winning recruiting technology solution that enables organizations to make great and diverse hires faster and more efficiently than ever before. The chosen solution of global enterprise brands, as well as leading government agencies, police forces, and health services, Oleeo is being used by hundreds of employers in over 145 countries, processing millions of candidates each year. Visit oleeo.com.

Continued focus on pre-university strategy – school outreach events and programs that pipeline into spring and summer analyst schemes

Enhanced campus operations risk measures and controls – Anti Corruption Group standards, regulatory, conduct risk assessments and controls, workflows and process maps enhanced and documented

Cost savings in campus recruiting by means of streamlining processes, teams and programs of £840,000  

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