What is Early Careers Talent?

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Candidates who are at the very beginning of their career journey, may be classified as “early careers talent”. This is often depicted by an inexperienced candidate in the field, but they may have pre-existing knowledge of the industry.

An example of this would be graduate-level candidates, who have received academic instruction, but may not yet have industry-level experience in a role.

The concept of sourcing early career talent is to enable the support of thousands of graduates, or entry-level career starters with an onboarding process that will set them up for long term success.

To do this, many companies will create specialist entry-level or graduate roles filled to the brim with support from more experienced colleagues, specialist training programmes and personal development for individuals just starting out in their journeys with their chosen industry.


Why Do You Need Early Careers Talent?

Early Careers Talent can bring some important new flair to your company, as younger talent often brings an array of important skills like an evolving knowledge of digital and technological developments.

Early careers recruitment programmes for management can help to shake up and refresh departmental policies, and introduce new ways of developing the company by training graduates on a trajectory into a management career, which will equip them with all the necessary skills needed to lead a team from a young age.

This in turn will benefit the internal structure of the company and provide incentive for early careers talent to choose a particular business for a long standing career.

This also means that younger talent can remain integrated and focused on their career paths, without facing the barrier into management that a smaller amount of experience usually provides.

The nature of entry-level and graduate roles means that candidates can be supported from the beginning of their enrolment with the company, and offered unrivalled training and development opportunities. This ensures that progression through the ranks can be rapid, with candidates learning vital skills faster, and a clear point of progression and targets to aim for.


How Does Early Careers Talent Benefit Your Company?

By using software like Oleeo to conduct your campus recruitment, you can ensure that you streamline and automate the process from start to finish. Not only will this save you administrative time, but it will improve the candidate’s experience, and allow for a better selection process of talent for your company.

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