What is Talent Acquisition Analysis?

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The process of talent acquisition analysis is incredibly useful for enabling a business to make crucial, evidence-based decisions about their recruitment processes in order to continually assess and improve them.

While many organizations will recruit on a short-term basis to fulfill any immediate needs, talent acquisition focuses on recruiting for the long term, based on the projected arc of a candidate’s career, and the skills they can bring to the company over many years.

Talent acquisition analysis is therefore used when an employer or organization is attempting to fill a skills gap within the company, with a view of developing these skills over time. This level of analysis allows for a deeper investigation into which skills make the best long standing employees.

The metrics and analytics used in talent acquisition analysis can be used to evaluate the long-term goals for progression within the company, and to identify the best talent sources that will enable the organization to move to the next level in its professional development.

What are the Benefits of Using Talent Acquisition Analytics Tools?

If you’re an employer who is keen to improve your recruitment policies, then using talent acquisition analysis is a tool that can help you to examine data to claim the very best candidates for the job.

Talent acquisition metrics and analytics are forward-thinking by considering the long term impact of an employee’s skills over a long standing career, rather than to fulfill a company need at the time of hiring. This enables you to progress more individuals into leadership and executive roles over time, reducing the need to repeatedly hire externally for management and leadership roles.

How Do You Measure Talent Acquisition Analytics?

Measuring talent can involve combining sets of data that include a candidate’s education, work experience, skills, work ethic and performance.

Creating reports based on this information can simplify this process and enable you to see exactly which direction you need to be working. Oleeo Recruitment Reporting features security for your data, and tracks in real time so you can see the immediate impact that your decisions make on your company’s performance.

How Can You Use Talent Acquisition Analysis for Diversity and Inclusion?

Additionally, you can also use Talent Acquisition analysis from our Diversity Recruiting Platforms to improve your diversity and inclusion policies. Talent acquisition analytics and metrics allow you to collect diversity data to uncover potential inequalities and plan for change.

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