Social Media Strategies to Recruit Gig Economy Workers 

Recruitment strategies for gig economy workers

More than half of all gig economy workers are younger than 22. If you’re interested in high-volume recruiting for gig work, you need to adjust your hiring processes to target these members of Gen Z. 

The best way to recruit younger people is to focus on social media strategies. Keep reading to learn some of the most effective tips to attract, engage, and recruit new workers in large numbers.

Polish Your Employer Brand

Gig workers have the luxury of choice when it comes to finding employers. As many as 63% of all gig workers are using their gigs to supplement another source of income. As such, they can take the time to research potential employers and choose to avoid companies that don’t appeal to them. 

You can make your business stand out by polishing your employer brand, or how you portray your company’s work culture and environment. You can use your social media channels to support your brand as a friendly, supportive workplace by sharing content that highlights your company as a great place to work.

Post Jobs Ads Across Social Channels

Younger people tend to be significantly active on social media. Gen Z members spend as much as five hours per day using TikTok, Facebook, and other social media, making social media advertisements an excellent way to get in front of potential candidates.

Don’t just focus on one social channel, though. While Facebook remains one of the most popular social media platforms, it’s not the most commonly used site for younger people. Branch out into other platforms such as:

  • Twitter. Use this platform to post short messages, pictures, and links to longer content. Twitter is the best place for high-volume recruiting because any company can use it to reach large numbers of candidates at once.
  • TikTok. This short-form video site is ideal for building awareness of your company and employer brand. You can post employee interviews, behind-the-scenes tours, and more to appeal to potential applicants.
  • Instagram. Instagram supports videos and pictures. Companies that focus on aesthetics can use Instagram to post job adverts and company culture where younger people already spend their downtime.

Produce a Variety of Content

As you’re branching out across social media platforms, you should also explore how different types of content impact your recruitment efforts. The social media platforms used by Gen Z workers tend to be highly visual, so written copy isn’t always enough to reach them. Experiment with a broader range of content, including:

  • Pictures. You can include candid shots and images from photoshoots to make your job ads more eye-catching.
  • Graphics. A great way to target Instagram users is to post your job ads as visually appealing graphics and include links to the actual page in the image description.
  • Videos. Videos allow you to advertise jobs in combination with valuable social proof, such as employee interviews discussing why they like working for your company.

Improve Your Recruiting Efforts With Social Media 

Social media is one of the best ways to approach high-volume recruiting. You can put your brand in front of thousands of potential applicants at the touch of a button. You can learn more about improving your high-volume recruiting processes by getting in touch with the recruitment experts at Oleeo.

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