Oleeo’s Intelligent Recommendation Platform for Recruiting Events

High Volume Recruiting

Oleeo Launches Intelligent Recommendation Platform to Foster Diversity and Compliance in High Volume Recruiting Events

New algorithms equip global customers to balance quality candidate selection and compliance with EEOC standards High Volume Recruiting

Oleeo, the award-winning provider of innovative talent acquisition technology of High Volume Recruiting, today announced the integration of built-in prescriptive recommendations to its Event Management, CRM and ATS software.

Built on 120 data points derived from candidates’ resumes and profiles to foster diversity and accelerate candidate selection, the intelligent algorithm is optimized to ensure no adverse selection in compliance with established EEOC selection rates. The customized algorithms elegantly handle high volume recruiting and deliver at-a-glance qualified, quality candidate recommendations critical to recruiting success in large-scale hiring events.

“Increasingly, companies want to do the right thing when it comes to fostering diversity from the start of the recruiting process. In terms of compliance, however, we’ve seen companies don’t have standard processes in place to ensure they are meeting set standards,” commented Charles Hipps, founder and CEO, Oleeo. “Our newly-released algorithms will help companies shift from being reactive to proactive in balancing the need to accurately and quickly identify high-quality candidates while simultaneously ensuring compliance.”

Oleeo’s Fortune 100 beta customers leveraging the new prescriptive recommendation engine are currently experiencing:

  • Speed – 40% time savings when selecting candidates for interviews. Oleeo’s algorithms reduce the average time it takes to review a resume from two minutes to just seconds.
  • Diversity – 11% increase fostered by the prescriptive recommendation. Companies can provide an equal opportunity to the entire candidate pool by ensuring no disparate impact and stay in compliance with the established EEOC selection rates. The algorithms are optimized for high performance matching. In addition, recruiters can monitor anonymized data insights on gaps in diversity pools and focus attraction efforts on obtaining better representation without sacrificing quality.
  •  Source – 10% increase uncovering strong candidates from new sources, who are typically overlooked by the manual process, with the algorithms looking at all candidates regardless of source.

For more information visit Oleeo booth #1548 at HR Technology Conference and Expo 2018

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