Making the Case for Innovation In Campus Recruiting Organizations: A Cultural Imperative


Many brands believe that they are innovative. After all, they invest money in the “right” technology or have a top-notch website. But when it comes to recruiting strong candidates during the Great Resignation, it’s not enough to have strong technology. You have to have something to offer incoming candidates — something above and beyond what they’ll find with other companies. 

Recruiting candidates directly from campuses can be a great way to bring new life to your workforce. University students are often looking to secure a job before graduation and haven’t had time to burn out in their field of choice. But they also have more opportunities now than ever before, which means these recruits can afford to be picky. Let’s take a look at how our upcoming webinar on innovation in campus recruiting can help bridge the gaps between companies and recruits, improving time-to-hire while solidifying relations with incoming team members. 

Why Is Innovation in Campus Recruiting So Important? 

Although campuses can be a great place to recruit new employees, job fairs and other campus recruiting events can also be overwhelming for recruits and employers alike. With the spaces jam-packed with potential job opportunities, recruiters need to grab students’ attention if they want to find the right candidate for their position. 

That’s where innovation in campus recruiting comes in. Regardless of size or budget, by prioritizing an innovative culture, rather than just memorizing this year’s "most innovative ideas," your company can stay ahead of the hiring cycle and produce recruitment strategies that are truly unique and attention-grabbing.

What Does Innovation in Campus Recruiting Mean? 

Innovation in campus recruiting can mean a lot of different things. What it doesn’t mean is simply having the latest technology and assuming that will improve your event hiring efforts. Innovation is about coming up with unique ideas and ways to compel recruits. As a result, it doesn’t necessarily take a large budget to be innovative. Instead, innovation requires: 

  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Teamwork
  • A willingness to take chances

For one brand, innovation in campus recruiting might mean recruiting from freshmen or sophomores rather than graduating seniors. For another, it could mean using texts and emails to follow up with recruits who seemed interested in your company. The key is to think outside the box. 

What Does This Course Have to Offer? 

If you’re looking to improve your ROI with campus recruitment or improve candidate conversion rates, we have good news. Our upcoming one-hour webinar will help your recruitment team embrace the culture of innovation you need to achieve better recruitment results. 

We’ll tell you how to get started, offering real-life examples of successes and missteps your brand can learn from. Along the way, you’ll learn how to set goals and plan out roadmaps for your innovation, all with the goal of helping you meet your recruitment needs this year and beyond. Sign up today to secure your place in the webinar! 

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