How to Recruit Police Officers

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Built for efficiency, high quality and in line with national application forms, Oleeo is responsible for over 70% of police force recruitment in the UK, including Wales and Scotland.

As one of the biggest recruiters in the country, the police force is also subject to some of the most stringent checks and standards in the recruitment industry, so it’s crucial to get those standards right the first time.

Here’s how Oleeo can take your police recruitment drive to the next level.

Streamline Your Recruitment Process with ATS Tracking

Oleeo Recruit, an ATS software, works by streamlining the administrative processes of recruitment, and the applicant tracking system allows you to automate the process easily, and is customisable to give your candidates the best user experience, and produce the best metrics that will pinpoint the best candidates for the job.

Oleeo’s high quality ATS system can help to reduce your time to hire by 50%. This allows for a speedy and efficient recruitment process, allowing your police recruits to begin their training faster, and display results quicker.

The automated system also uses data based on applications to find the best candidates faster, allowing for an improved candidate experience.

Blind Recruitment Through Automation

By using the Oleeo automated system, the risk of unconscious bias can be significantly reduced by hiding the candidate’s name and gender. This means that law enforcement recruits can be assessed fairly on skill set and experience.

Additionally, Oleeo uses artificial intelligence to flag any gender biased wording to ensure a fair recruitment process for everyone, and hardwires diversity and inclusion policies directly into your recruitment strategy.

Watertight Compliance and Security Measures

To ensure that Oleeo is at the top required standard for high quality law enforcement recruits, the software is regularly reviewed with security audits, data protection and is fully GDPR compliant.

Additionally, Oleeo is also available through the government frameworks G-Cloud 12 and ESPO, for added security, to ensure the most secure environment for completing a police recruitment drive.

Working as a police recruit is a hugely skilled role, so ensuring that you use software that can find the best candidates for the role is essential. Oleeo uses high quality metrics and analytics to ensure that you can achieve the best possible results from your recruitment drive every time.

Do you want to find out more about how Oleeo tackles police recruitment? Request a demo to find out more!

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