How Gender Diversity Affects Team Productivity

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As a recruiter, it can be quite overwhelming to navigate the various stages of the hiring process proficiently. Selecting an ATS (applicant tracking system) enables you to manage each level with ease. A modern tracking solution also helps to ensure diversity and inclusion (D&I) during recruitment. Here is an insight into the evaluation, selection, and implementation of applicant tracking technology.

Optimization Options for Your Current ATS

Enhancing the efficiency and consistency of your ATS is key to ensuring you source and hire excellent candidates. A great way of optimizing your applicant tracking technology is by aligning it with your internal processes. Identify parts of the hiring process your recruiting team is doing manually and try fitting them into your applicant tracking system. A few existing internal systems you can explore integrating into your ATS include the following:

  • Human Resource Information System (HRIS)
  • Work status verification system
  • Criminal record verification system
  • Payroll or billing system
  • Coordination and scheduling system

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Vetting Finalists for a Potential New ATS

You need to assess your recruitment needs to identify areas of the hiring process that need improvement. This evaluation helps you select the perfect tool from the numerous applicant tracking solutions.

The ideal applicant tracking technology allows you to be creative with your hiring strategy. It should also enable you to compete favorably with rival businesses in acquiring the best applicants. Your choice of applicant tracking system will vary depending on:

  • Company size and industry type
  • Pricing
  • User experience
  • Scalability
  • Analytics

In your search for the ideal ATS tool, you should also look for the right business partner. Establishing good relations with the company whose tool you want to use results in better applicant tracking solutions. We at Oleeo Global are great at collaborations and are ready to offer support during your recruitment process.

Avoiding Common ATS Implementation Pitfalls

When implementing your chosen applicant tracking system, you may make the mistake of ignoring your vendor’s help. Try to go over the instructions provided carefully, and identify any difficulties when implementing the ATS. We offer training sessions and 24/7 customer support at Oleeo to help streamline the use of our platform.

Getting used to a new applicant tracking technology takes some time. Considering the amount of data being migrated and the number of applications you receive, avoid rushing the implementation process. Also, ensure your hiring crew gets acquainted with the new applicant tracking solutions as soon as possible for a smooth transition.

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ATS Shortcuts That Will Make Your Life Easier

The hiring process needs to be brief and straightforward to ensure you get a consistent flow of quality job seekers. It does not mean you make the job requirements too lenient but instead avoid adding unnecessary steps. Simplifying the process opens your recruitment program to a wide demographic and ensures you meet your diversity and inclusion hiring goals. Your ATS program will often be able to pick out qualified candidates without bias.

The period between CV submission and interview call-up is usually filled with lots of uncertainty. Having a highly responsive system ensures you do not lose great candidates to delays and despair. Automating communication between your candidate and hiring team is an excellent hack to ensuring quick and effective recruitment.

Recruitment can be a hectic process that you can simplify with the right applicant tracking system. With in-built intelligence, Oleeo’s recruiting platform leverages automation and data for an efficient and optimal hiring process.


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