How to Effectively Plan High-Volume Hiring

High volume hiring. It’s not for the faint-hearted. The good news is that it’s either the result of your organization growing at a rapid rate, or you need to bulk up the employee numbers to handle a busy season that’s fast approaching.

It’s problematic, however, because nobody looks forward to coordinating this type of mass hiring process. Scaling up your workforce with a large number of new hires in a matter of weeks – or even days – typically means scouring through a deluge of applications, conducting interviews, making job offers, etc., without a lot of time in between.

Oh, and there’s also the concern about how mass hiring can be detrimental to your carefully cultivated company culture. Think about it: if you’re sourcing tens, hundreds, or even thousands of new employees in a short space of time, it’s naturally going to impact the quality and culture of your current workforce. Yet by putting together an effective plan that accurately targets the right qualified candidates, you can mitigate this fear.

With that in mind, we have put together a guide on how to effectively plan high volume hiring for your business.

Put in the groundwork

Before you dive head-first into your talent acquisition mission, it’s vital that you first take a step back and put in the necessary groundwork for your recruiting efforts. Hiring managers need to come up with a hiring strategy to fully understand their hiring goals, the number of workers required, and how their current team can handle this drastic, sudden change.

Begin by identifying the job openings that are coming up, along with how many individuals are required for the open roles. You’ll also have to account for your budget, timeline, and the turnover rate – particularly if these new hires are only on a seasonal basis. By carefully planning for such elements, you can recruit faster, smarter, and more cost-efficiently.

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Produce a high-quality job advertising

You want to bring in the best candidates, right? It’s a silly question to ask – of course you want to source candidates who are the finest talent, even if you’re taking the mass volume approach. The first step is producing a high-quality, professional job description that grabs the attention of the quality candidates you hope to attract.

The job ads you create should be compelling, free of grammatical errors, and most importantly, clearly convey the ideal candidate you want to hire. For the professional side of things, employer branding goes a long way to making your job post appear more legit. Highlighting the perks of working for your business will also help with enticing the best talent.

Make sure your posting is shared on all appropriate job boards and on your company’s social media and careers page. By spreading the word about open positions as far as possible, you have the best chance of maximizing visibility and being seen by suitable job seekers.

Automate the recruitment process

With high volume hiring, you naturally have to deal with a high volume of applications. Thousands of CVs and cover letters will be heading in your direction – and it’s a time-consuming task to filter through the potential candidates and find the top talent for the job. At least, it is your task if you don’t receive assistance.

That assistance can be found via intelligent automation through our Talent Acquisition Recruitment Platform. This recruiting software uses bulk processing technology to speed up and streamline everything from job postings to selecting the right candidates to interview. Rather than tackling these laborious processes on your own, automation does all the heavy lifting for you.

When it comes to high volume recruiting strategies, few are more effective than utilizing our software – and we’re not just saying that. It’s built for this type of task, where it can cut down the application to interview process from days to a matter of minutes. 

Interviews and background checks

Automation can do a lot for you, but it cannot conduct interviews. As a result, you have to pay careful attention to ensure these interviews are carried out in the right way. As well as wanting to make sure you ask the right questions, you want to avoid discouraging candidates by taking a cattle call approach to the process – which is easy to do when mass hiring. It’s important to make each candidate feel like they’re being considered as an individual, not just another number to meet your quota during the high volume recruiting process.

After the interviews, you’ll also have to perform the necessary background checks. You may also contemplate having them complete an assessment. By doing this, you can check that they have the required skills and knowledge for the job. 

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