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Helping Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police recruit effectively.

Challenge: Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police Authorities were unified by a strategic alliance in June 2015 to jointly deliver all policing services across both force areas. The strategic alliance sought to enable both forces to meet the challenge of reducing policing budgets and provide greater operational and organisational resilience. For recruitment, the force wanted to achieve a streamlining and overall improvement to the entire recruiting process, from the initial advert to the successful applicant’s start date. Warwickshire Police operated in a strategic alliance with West Mercia Police from 2012-2020, with many services delivered jointly across each policing area.

Using Oleeo Technology

One of the prime catalysts for the alliance was the necessity for the two forces to reduce their costs by £35 million as part of the government’s comprehensive spending review. However, it was also recognised that the benefits for both forces were far broader than financial, including delivery of greater operational and organisational resilience, protecting frontline policing resources and ensuring processes were lean and more effective. In October 2018, the Chief Constable and PCC of West Mercia announced that they were terminating the alliance agreement with effect from October 2019. The alliance formally came to end in April 2020, when the two forces reached a financial settlement.

What led to the need for a new system?

Oleeo deployed its Campus & Early Careers solution, built to help recruiters with finding, nurturing and hiring the best new talent covering college/school leavers, university/MBA graduates, apprentices and interns. It covers the entire journey of an applicant from attraction and engagement to on-boarding, helping to reduce the high risk of such reneging.

Our automation technology is built to enable time efficiencies and save on resourcing costs so that you recoup your investment within the first year of using it and can focus on crucial engagement to avoid the risk of reneged offers.

What did Oleeo deliver?

Oleeo deployed its Police solution to the force and worked with the team to help reshape the recruitment process. Since then, a new recruitment approach has now been launched that streamlines applications all the way from attraction through to on-boarding.

Commended by the Association of Chief Police Officers, Oleeo Police is used by over 70% of forces across England, Wales and Scotland (100% coverage in Wales and Scotland). In fact, it is the only solution available to use national application forms and make them configurable to the needs of regional recruitment teams to help ensure forces recruit to reflect the communities they serve.


The benefits are starting to be felt across the organisation, with reductions in several areas including:

overall costs to recruit

higher calibre of applicants

higher calibre of applicants

minimised administration duties

better consistency of approach to hiring.


In addition, the time taken for new hires has been reduced in most cases from the previous timescales of up to 6 months, to an average of 2-3 months.

By maintaining ownership and control of the recruitment processes themselves, the force can build a more manageable and accessible talent pool, which gives a critical competitive edge in the continuous search for new talent for our organisation.

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