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Everything you need to know about volume recruitment.

Seamless volume recruitment relies on creating an experience that maintains employer value propositions in such a way that converts consumers into employees. Intelligent automation, attraction and engagement techniques mean that businesses running high-volume recruiting programmes can act rapidly. Talent can move from application to interview in just 35 minutes; from application to hire in 3 days; and from application to rehire in 5 minutes. This infographic tells you everything you need to know with lots of volume recruitment facts and stats to help build your business needs!

Never before has there been a more pressing need to speed up high volume recruiting without sacrificing quality – the global coronavirus pandemic has seen numbers of applications soar to as high as nearly 1400%.

Using Oleeo Technology.

Oleeo’s Volume Recruitment Platform helps you scale the workforce faster than ever before. Whether it’s seasonal hiring or global expansion, our intelligent automation will have you hiring quality talent in minutes, not weeks.

Analysis, filtering, automated decisions and recommendations are very powerful tools, providing transparency and driving efficiency throughout the recruitment process. This is made possible through fast-acting recruiting software that will screen, assess, track background check progress, reference scheduling and more magnifying rich and engaging candidate experiences.

These can be measured using reporting and analytics functions to help inform volume recruitment strategies. To find areas within your high volume recruiting process that can be simplified evaluate the following metrics:

Turnover/Attrition Rate

Voluntary vs. Involuntary Turnover/Attrition

Expected Activity/Production Frequency

Expected Time-to-Proficiency

How many hires are needed to maintain production

With all the back-end screening and analysis taken care of, talent acquisition teams have more time to focus on personalised outreach to give the best candidates a deeper insight into what the inside of your company looks like. Using a smart recruitment software made for high volume recruiting can also help you hit touch points with all candidates, whether they’re qualified or not.

Let candidates know on your career site, candidate communications centre or through personalised follow-up emails or SMS how your volume recruitment process runs. Tell them what they can expect and how to be successful in your hiring process. Use intelligence to ensure relevant content is shown to the right person at the right time, to help increase adoption and give the candidate a useful heads up. Sure, not every candidate will read all that, but the ones who do are ready to become star players on your team!

Keeping the candidate experience on top

Keeping the candidate experience top of mind can make routine communications something where your employer brand shines through rather than a bland standard response. Take a look at this infographic to learn why now is the time to streamline smarter recruiting workflows and spot the best candidates quickly. Help recruiters stay focused on high value activities with tailored candidate shortlists and instant visibility into the source of their best hires.

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