High Volume Recruiting System Buyers Guide

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High Volume Recruiting System Buyers Guide.

The high-volume functions within your organization can be one of the most difficult to recruit in.  Industries like healthcare, hospitality and retail can get hit hard with high turnover rates and a  surplus of entry-level workers. Recruiting for a customer support center and other customer  service functions can be a mess with canceled interviews and unprepared candidates running  rampant!  Therefore, having the right recruiting software on your side is non-negotiable… and with  thousands of platforms out there all touting to be the best, the buying process can get quite  muddy with so many solutions to choose from.  This guide provides a clear overview of the challenges high-volume recruiters face, the solutions  made available through recruiting technology and the key recruiting software features each  organization should consider before selecting the right system for them.

Using Oleeo Technology.

The entire high-volume recruiting process can be streamlined. Before you evaluate potential recruiting software, ask yourself how can talent acquisition software best serve us? – Are you struggling just to get candidates in the door? Then a robust applicant tracking system focused on sourcing and job post distribution is your best bet. If a lack of candidates isn’t your problem, but managing the influx of them is, then look for an ATS that provides scheduling and internal management for interviewing and screening functions.

How important is compliance?

High-volume recruiting tends to happen in industries that also require tight compliance, like healthcare.How many hires do you need to make and how? Hiring 100 people for 100 different roles is different than hiring 100 people for 1 role. Map out your exact hiring needs in terms of roles/vacancies and the amount of people needed. Some high-volume recruiting solutions may tout they can hire multiple people at once, but might not have the capabilities you truly need say you were to hire 100 people for one specific role.

Next, what is your price point?

Applicant tracking systems are available at all price points. Don’t be fooled by a large price tag and assume everything you need will be covered and vice-versa. Key Features  With thousands of applicant tracking systems on the market, it’s important to know exactly what  your team needs to be most effective. Some applicant tracking systems may be more job-board  centric while others are focused more around streamlining the hiring process. Ideally, it’s best to  find a system that covers all of the solutions you need.  However, first and foremost, you want to make sure the final system is the most robust and  configurable in the areas you need most. At most, understand that many ATSs can handle  volume, but finding the right system to align with your needs and price point is crucial.

Too complex of a system is detrimental to the entire process.

Not every person on your  team and every job applicant has the same level of tech-savviness and it doesn’t make  them unfit or unintelligent. Systems work differently for people depending on how they  process information. An ATS that isn’t easy to navigate will result in wasted time for  everyone, and when people can’t work with the system and the system doesn’t work with  them… they build a mental blockage towards the system.

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