10 Touch Points For High Volume Recruiting Processes

Recruiting Enablement

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10 Touch Points For High Volume Recruiting to Leave a Good Impression.

Recent statistics show that 63% of employers predicted the volume of hiring would increase the following year. Did you feel that expected increase within your own organization? Obviously, high volume recruiting or hiring requires a different approach than the usual job opening, and if navigating the strategy seems a little overwhelming, don’t panic. This checklist will get you on track to efficiently hire a whole new team of professionals.

Recruiting Enablement

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Data Support

Most technology boasts some sort of recruiting and hiring data or analytics feature to inform strategies, but that doesn’t mean those hiring teams know what to look at to inform decision making.

You probably have a hiring strategy, so this step might seem like a redundancy. Do not skip this. This is more than a plan, this is a reference map.

The Definition of a Superstar

Hiring superstar candidates is possible, even at a high-volume. In order to make it reality, you have to start your strategy with a clear definition of what a superstar candidate looks like at your organization.

Efficient Screening Techniques

Your team will probably hold interviews, but that might not be enough to really narrow down your candidate pool. Depending on the position, screening should go beyond the basic resume check and in-person conversations.

An Established Team

When hiring for one or two openings, the basic recruiter and hiring manager team is a perfect route, however, high-volume recruiting is a bit more complicated. When building out your itinerary, decide how many people can feasibly interview, screen and train your candidates and be sure you have the team to support that.

Succession Planning

High-volume hiring usually takes a few weeks to a few months to accomplish, so the team you’ve established will probably experience unforeseen challenges. Whether those challenges are personal or professional, it’s important your organization has a plan for balancing the workload.When assigning responsibilities, be sure no one person handles more than their fair share and cross train screening techniques and training curriculum.

Campaign for Culture

Culture is important to candidates. Use your definition of a superstar hire and knowledge of your unique organization to create a campaign around your high-volume hiring needs.

A Plan for Re-Engagement

Not all candidates will make it to the offer stage, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a fit or don’t have the potential to be in the future. Be sure to create a welcoming candidate culture for each applicant, even if they aren’t hired immediately. Nurturing so many relationships might seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.

Intelligent Automation

There’s a lot of moving parts to high-volume hiring and even with the best team, things can fall through the cracks. 65% of job seekers report never receiving correspondence from the company they applied to, which is horrible for the candidate experience and even worse your employer brand and reputation.

The Right Technology

Hiring teams need the right technology to perform screening and interviewing effectively. Each part of a high-volume hiring process needs multiple steps to be done correctly and efficiency depends on the right system. One that is out of date, prone bugs, loses data or doesn’t supply the right features to keep recruiters and hiring managers on track is simply costing time without producing reward. Meanwhile, there’s a good chance your candidate experience is suffering, too.

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