Top 8 questions to look for in an ATS

Applicant Tracking System

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8 Killer Questions You Must Ask for ATS Selection.

ATS Selection – or Applicant Tracking System Selection – can be a tough task. Employers must seek technology that can offer exceptional efficiency and effectiveness gains for recruiting functions — even more so today, with the advent of Recruiting Enablement.

Just as Sales Enablement allowed enterprises to become better at reaching customers and hitting sales goals, Recruiting Enablement allows employers to achieve improvements in recruiting efficiency, candidate experience, diversity and inclusion, and quality of hire. However, to achieve these outcomes, Recruiting Enablement platforms must be automated and data-driven, empowering recruiters to support diverse and inclusive strategies at high volumes and through multiple configurable workflows.

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This document is an 8 step checklist for choosing a next-generation ATS — your Recruiting Enablement platform! It includes key elements that should be checked when seeking an ATS provider. These include:

The ability to leverage automation – When choosing a solution, find out what automation is supported and how you can improve recruiting efficiency with it.

The ability to support bulk processing – When choosing a solution, find out what bulk processing is supported, and if there are any limitations to it.

The ability to have multiple recruiting workflows, tailored to different candidate types and scenarios – When choosing a solution, find out what level of workflow configuration is supported.

The ability to improve candidate selection – When choosing a solution, ensure it can put your data to work to streamline candidate selection

The ability to enable a great candidate experience – When choosing a Recruiting Enablement solution, find out how it helps recruiters ensure that interactions, regardless of final hiring outcome, remain personal, inclusive, and unbiased.

The ability to enable decisive hiring managers – When choosing a Recruiting Enablement platform, find out how it can enable more decisive hiring managers.

The ability to enable inclusive recruiting practices that mitigate risk and help achieve Diversity and Inclusion goals – When choosing a Recruiting Enablement platform, learn how D&I is hardwired into the system.

How data-driven is the Recruiting Enablement platform – When choosing a Recruiting Enablement platform, find out the scope of their use of data and analytics, and how this can help drive better outcomes for you.

Configurable workflows and data-driven recommendations

The most competitive businesses enable their recruiting teams to deliver on more diverse and inclusive recruiting strategies, while simultaneously protecting the brand and providing better decision support for hiring managers. Whether in a hypercompetitive talent market, or dealing with hiring slowdowns, employers who succeed do so by leveraging Recruiting Enablement technology to be their recruiting force multiplier.

With intelligent automation, configurable workflows and data-driven recommendations, Recruiting Enablement is poised to help recruiters and the organizations they serve achieve a recruiter experience that does what recruitment marketing has done for the candidate’s experience – make it more effective, more

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