Retail recruiting

Retail recruiting

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Retail recruiting is in interesting times! We’re living in the expectation economy; surprise and delight consumers or go the way of the dinosaur. Now more than ever, scaling talent to achieve your retail strategy can make or break sales longevity. That’s where we come in! Retail recruitment is our sweet spot. From e-tail offerings to physical department stores, smaller fashion outlets and supermarkets – Oleeo has built retail recruiting technology for all types of retail operations!

Oleeo has decades of experience helping retail brands with their talent acquisition efforts spanning supermarkets, fashion brands, department stores and online-only retailers. The Oleeo Recruiting Enablement Platform accelerates hiring so stores are never left understaffed. At leading department store & grocery retailer Marks & Spencer, for example, Customer Assistants can be hired as fast as 3 days and former employees can be re-hired in a matter of hours using Oleeo technology.

Using Oleeo Technology.

We help retail industry leaders overcome some of their most pressing talent acquisition challenges using our:

High Application Volume tools

Intelligent automation and bulk processing tools free recruiters to tap into more sources for talent without fear of high application volume. Oleeo’s prescriptive recommendations help recruiters see the highest quality candidates instantly.

Slow Time to Hire

From sourcing, nurturing and screening, to interviewing and extending the offer, intelligent automation speeds the process and helps recruiters hire in minutes not days. With Oleeo recruiters fast track top (and returning) talent without sacrificing quality.

A Simplified Candidate Experience

Candidates can rapidly apply to roles be it using kiosk technology to mobile apply. The candidate experience is a reflection of the consumer experience. Oleeo for Retail makes it simple to deliver a seamless branded experience that converts your best customers to your greatest hires.

Limited Diversity & Inclusion

Remove bias and unleash the potential of more diverse teams. Oleeo delivers an evidence-based method to identify and remove unconscious bias in recruiting that helps retailers meet the diversity standards their customers, shareholders and supply partners demand. With the ability to tap more sources, you can improve diversity and connect with untapped potential before the competition does.

Multiple Hiring Workflows

Regardless of your hiring strategy Oleeo for Retail offers flexible workflows and end-to-end recruiting to keep every hiring strategy in the same system. Clone roles for as many locations as you need: Bulk processing is Oleeo’s secret weapon – retailers can post one vacancy several times using just one template and easily support hiring sprees for seasonal hiring or new branch openings.

Cut touchpoints to the bare minimum

Simplicity is key for the retail industry. Oleeo offers a bespoke process with minimal touches. Onboard ahead of time so staff can start work faster and stores are not understaffed: Onboarding is simplified with Oleeo allowing retail HR teams to digitally send offer paperwork and collect key information including payroll & uniform orders. New recruits can start rapidly once they have been inducted!

Read the brochure or talk to us today about how we can assist with your retail recruiting needs.

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