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Recruitment Marketing Workbook.

Recruitment marketing comes in many forms. From the tweets you send out to promote a job  post to the company culture page on your career site, any messaging targeted towards job  seekers falls into the recruitment marketing realm. Use this workbook to revamp your  recruitment messaging and better organize your recruitment marketing strategy.


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Social media posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are used to drive job seekers to the job  postings on the career site, and thus, on to the application process. Organic social messaging has  limitations in targeting and reach (i.e. if you have few followers/likes you can only reach that many  in a best case scenario; you can only target an audience by the hashtags you choose to use).  However, with paid social advertising you can increase your reach and target a wide range of  people based on their education, interests, demographics and more!

Writing job advertisements on social, job boards, your career site and wherever else you’re promoting them requires a specific technique. We have provided tips to attract the best candidates fit for your open requisitions including cutting out any buzzwords or jargon in the job title and being specific so job seekers can find your ad and get an idea of what to expect from the position. Tell the story of the role, not just a laundry list of items they will be responsible for.

Your career site and/or candidate portal is where all of these channels lead candidates back to, so  you want it to be the best representation of your company’s mission and culture. If your career  site doesn’t accurately represent your Employee Value Proposition, you run the risk of attracting  the wrong people. We have created a detailed list to make sure you have the right elements on your career  site to do this best!

Messaging is critical: Send candidates stage-specific messaging like interview tips, company benefits, and resume FAQs to strategically nurture candidates through the process. You may not be in a rush to fill your position, but it’s likely your applicants are eager to find a job. Be sure to reply promptly to your applicants so they are easily able to get status updates. Applicants want to feel recognized and important. Strive to personalize your correspondence with applicants during the hiring process. Invite candidates to provide feedback on the recruitment process at every stage to drive improvements to your process.

The right way of saying "We are hiring!"

Furthermore, don’t just make your tweets or messaging say “We are hiring!” It’s not as effective as painting a picture or telling a story to pique job seekers’ interest. Research hashtags that your target candidate audience uses. Join groups that they would be a part of and read the threads and comments to catch up on the lingo. This is especially helpful when hiring for IT or technical positions. Use verbs to call prospective candidates to action. Get them excited about making the next step. Click the buttons below to access the Oleeo Recruitment Marketing Workbook or talk to us today about how we can assist.

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