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Master recruiting events management on the move with Oleeo.

Lengthy queues, mounting paper resumes/CVs and complex registration processes are familiar pain points for many recruiters when it comes to running a recruitment event. It’s not the best first impression for candidates trying to determine if your business is the right fit for them and can be a major resource drain.

Using Oleeo Technology.

Oleeo alleviates this problem with its new Self Check-In Mode on the Event product – accessible on a mobile/tablet app and on web browsers. Customers can now use this new app to accelerate the registration time and empower candidates and business leaders to have more time to engage and form lasting impressions. The technology allows for digitised tickets for fast-track check-in or quick search-based candidate lists for pre-registered candidates. All of which enables recruiting events management on the move!

The ease of use of the interface and the ticket-based check-in system cuts the amount of time candidates spend waiting to access an event! Moreover, it makes for an all-round more effective event to find your company the best candidates. Using these fast methods, only unregistered candidates will need to fill in a complete registration form on the day.

The benefits of technology-enabled easy registration is limitless but can include:

This app from award-winning Intelligent Talent Acquisition suite providers Oleeo will help users to manage the complexity of recruiting events in the cloud affording you more time to engage top talent. From onsite to offsite functions: private, public or interview events. Use the app to provide increased automation in recruiting event management helping you accelerate hiring and have demonstrable ROI to prove it:

Monitor the number of attendees who have sent a RSVP to an event and monitor their attendance on the day.

Add comments against attendee profiles and use ‘like’ icons to quickly flag the most promising talent who should be nurtured with relevant recruitment marketing.

View candidate history and their stored Resume/CV at the click of a button to speed-up decision-making and sifting.

Have an at-a-glance view of where candidates are in your recruitment processes to plan where activities need to be sped up or slowed down.

At busy events with more than one assessment stage, quickly log an ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ decision that will feed directly into your ATS.

Categorise key candidate or event information in bulk, which can then be used for pipelining and reporting.

Master events with the Oleeo Recruiting App

Maximise business visibility of the ROI being delivered from your recruiting events to make evaluations faster and more efficient.

This app will only work for Oleeo customers and will require a login to sign in on first use. It operates in a secure environment in compliance with data protection guidelines ensuring candidate information is not accessible outside of authorised users. Click the buttons below to watch the video or talk to us today about how we can assist with your recruiting event management needs.

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