Recruiting leaders must focus on quality of hire

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Recruiters must focus on quality of hire to prosper in uncertain times.

Video of a study from Aptitude Research & Oleeo demonstrating a widespread need for Recruiting Enablement to transform talent acquisition processes in the “new normal” and improve quality of hire. 

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Improving Quality of Hire through Recruiting Enablement published by Aptitude Research, leading providers of  research, advisory and market analysis on all things Human Capital Management in association with Oleeo, uncovers how companies are facing a new normal in talent acquisition that impacts both processes and technology.

With 63% of companies stating that finding and attracting quality hires is the greatest challenge facing their businesses, talent acquisition and HR leaders can no longer afford to rely on a reactive or traditional approach to recruitment. They must look to the future and rely on data to meet the needs of the business and the changing expectations of candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers, a new research report published today reveals

Based on research conducted in February and March 2020, it reveals how today’s global crisis brings a state of uncertainty that requires companies to be efficient but also, to focus on quality in a more strategic way in order to see improvements such as overall efficiency, improved candidate experience, reduced bias, and better quality of hires.

Interesting findings from the research include:

Companies that use data to automate decision-making are twice as likely to improve quality of hire

72% of enterprise companies believe that using data to automate decisions is a priority in 2020

Nearly 90% of companies are concerned with reducing bias in their talent acquisition process

Designing, testing, and configuring workflows that support diverse and inclusive recruiting strategies – at scale

Currently, recruiters spend on average over 16 hours a week on scheduling and 1 in 3 companies state that the application process takes over 30 minutes.

67% of talent acquisition and HR professionals are not providing hiring managers with the right data to made decisions

Only 32% of senior leaders are confident in the data that they have available to make decisions

Half of large enterprise employers do not measure the ROI of their recruitment technology

Less than 50% of companies state that interviews are undertaken consistently  in their business

The paper goes on to explore how Recruiting Enablement can help better position companies to achieve improved efficiencies and better quality of hire. Recruiting Enablement provides recruiters with the tools they need to be successful in attracting, recruiting and hiring quality talent. These tools automate many of the administrative tasks of talent acquisition and allow recruiting and hiring teams to make data-driven decisions focused on quality.

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With intelligent automation, configurable workflows and data-driven recommendations, Recruiting Enablement is poised to help recruiters and the organizations they serve achieve a recruiter experience that does what recruitment marketing has done for the candidate’s experience – make it more effective, ]more relevant and most importantly – more human again. Click the buttons below to access the short teaser video or talk to us today about how we can assist.

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