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Oleeo for Police Recruiting.

Oleeo for Police Recruiting is used by over 70% of police forces in England, Scotland and Wales. It is the only solution built in line with national application forms, designed to speed hiring efficiency and ensure time protecting citizens remains as uninterrupted as possible. In fact, all police officers in Scotland & Wales are now hired using Oleeo software!

Commended by the Association of Chief Police Officers, Oleeo for Police Recruiting is used by over 70% of the forces in England, Scotland and Wales. The award-winning technology is used by Metropolitan Police and Greater Manchester Police among others. Built in line with national requirements, Oleeo lets forces make applications configurable to the needs of individual forces to help ensure they are recruiting in ways that reflect the communities they serve.

Using Oleeo Technology.

With our award winning system trusted by the College of Policing, forces can:

Streamline smarter recruiting workflows and identify the best candidates quickly. Win back time and deliver more efficient hiring processes.

Deepen your company’s relationship with candidates. Place tailored content and automate communications.

Simplify the complexity of planning and executing recruiting events. Empower candidates to register & check-in using their own devices.

Build structured interview plans that deliver amazing candidate experiences and guarantee consistent hiring processes and compliance. Deliver ultimate flexibility for candidates and hiring managers.

Harness a more dynamic process for moving or re-deploying internal talent. Keep the entire process transparent and auditable..

Empowered recruiters can take control of your talent acquisition with:

Bulk processing: post one vacancy instead of 50 for identical jobs spread across the country and automate filtering to the relevant hiring managers. Oleeo links to CASA registration and aligns with Origin. It includes national application forms as standard.

Actionable dashboard & meaningful metrics: help recruiters stay focused on high value activities with tailored candidate shortlists and instant visibility into the source of their best hires. Significantly reduce cost per hire and make ROI gains to accommodate budgetary constraints and work towards achieving diversity aims.

Blind recruiting compliance: reduce bias and focus on quality by hiding protected data such as name, gender, place of study and address location. Our system is compliant to fair, open and on merit recruiting principles providing better quality candidates and accelerated processes.

Increased Security: regularly audited to meet industry and government standards, Oleeo ensures the tightest, up-to-date security measures are implemented and monitored using regular security audits, compliance checks and protection of sensitive data. We are accredited to ISO-27001 standards

Suitable for Shared Services: Oleeo has experience in deploying its systems across multiple public sector bodies in a shared services network and can assist with this if required.

Onboarding tools: make sure employees, managers and teams have what they need to be productive from day one.

Access the Oleeo Police Recruitment brochure or talk to us today about how we can assist.

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