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Oleeo at a glance.

Oleeo was established in 1995 and operates worldwide providing applicant tracking and intelligent talent acquisition technology solutions. This infographic highlights our key business milestones over 25.+ years.

Using Oleeo Technology.

With automation and intelligence built-in end to end, the Oleeo Recruiting Enablement platform is an enterprise recruiting-technology solution that enables organizations to make great and diverse hires faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The Oleeo Recruiting Enablement platform is designed to deliver:


Recruiting teams are under an immense administrative burden, managing increasingly high volumes of candidates (with an average of 91 steps per candidate) while working to meet changing business needs in time. With Oleeo, organizations leverage intelligent automation and bulk-processing capabilities to source, select, engage and hire their workforce more efficiently — reducing their workload, while accelerating time-to-hire.


Even during an economic downturn, in-demand skills are in short supply and there is competition for top candidates. In addition to filling critical roles, recruiting must engage and nurture candidates for the future. With Oleeo, organizations can tailor recruiting workflows, use data to pinpoint and expedite top candidates and futureproof their talent pipeline — improving quality of hire.

Diversity and Inclusion

D&I is a top concern of most recruiting leaders today, yet most lack insights into D&I on which to base recruiting strategies. With Oleeo, companies can gain deep analytic insights into their state of D&I and use Intelligent Selection and Intelligent Writing capabilities to hardwire D&I into their processes, creating inclusive candidate experiences and improving diversity.

The Oleeo Recruiting Enablement Platform includes the following products:

Oleeo Recruit

A next-generation ATS, Oleeo Recruit streamlines sourcing, selecting and hiring, with data- and AI-driven automation, dynamic workflow and bulk-processing capabilities

Oleeo Engage

Taking CRM to a new level, Oleeo Engage leverages data to enable intelligent, automated candidate engagement, from content shared with candidates in job portals to email campaigns sent to candidates.

Oleeo Events

Whether a company’s recruiting events are virtual or in-person, Oleeo Events makes event management easy, automating candidate registration, check-ins and profile creation, as well as dynamic pre-event and onsite candidate workflows.

Oleeo Insights

Answering an organization’s most important recruiting questions, Oleeo Insights includes pre-built analytics dashboards that cover a range of topic areas, helping companies to go from “what” to “so what” to “now what?

Intelligence and Automation Built-In

Oleeo’s vision is that the future of recruiting be data-driven and automated. Oleeo’s mission is to reduce the workload on recruiting, while enabling companies to make higher quality and more diverse hires.

Analytics and the use of data and AI are embedded throughout the Oleeo Recruiting Enablement platform, allowing recruiting teams to tailor the candidate experience, automating tasks and workflows throughout the recruiting lifecycle, taking candidates down different recruiting workflows depending on their attributes and/or Machine Learning insights.

Automated scoring & recommendation

Oleeo delivers results and helps to improve candidate engagement with automated scoring and recommendation candidates for selection based on a wide range of data and ML algorithms/prescriptive analytics. 

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