NHS Trust Handbook: How to inspire, attract and recruit

How to inspire, attract and recruit - NHS Trust

Toolkit for NHS Trusts: How to Inspire, Attract and Recruit.

How to inspire, attract and recruit - NHS Trust

The ultimate toolkit for NHS Trusts.

The war for talent in the UK is showing no signs of slowing down – and the NHS certainly isn’t immune to it. 

As NHS Trusts continue to battle it out for the top talent, the constant threat posed by private sector employers means the NHS needs to do more to have a competitive edge.

But how can you make your NHS Trust stand out to secure the best talent?

Oleeo’s guide shares our top tips for NHS Trust recruitment and best practices to inspire, attract and recruit the best NHS talent.

A senior male staff nurse demonstrates the medical mannequin to a group of medical student nurses . They are all standing around the hospital bed listening to him .

You’ll learn:

  • Know your NHS Trust’s audience.
  • How to improve your candidate experience.
  • How to create and nurture a talent pool.
  • Ways to improve your time to hire.

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