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Oleeo for NHS recruitment brochure.

This brochure introduces Oleeo for NHS recruitment, purposely designed to ensure great patient care, with great recruiting. Designed to help healthcare providers, including NHS Trusts, overcome critical workforce shortages, the Oleeo Recruiting Enablement Platform leverages data and machine learning to reduce administrative overhead and accelerate recruitment processes, all while delivering an exceptional candidate experience.

Using Oleeo Technology.

The NHS is the biggest employer in Europe, and the world’s largest employer of highly skilled professionals. But its recruiters are feeling the strain. A transformation is needed to recruit both more efficiently and effectively at high volumes and high velocity. This brochure offers more context on Oleeo’s Recruiting Enablement platform for the NHS puts your data to work, leveraging automation and analytics. As a result:

Recruiters reduce their administrative workload, while screening high volumes of candidates and pinpointing top candidates faster and more confidently

Hiring managers accelerate their decision making, enabled by data-driven insights, automated interview management, and mobile feedback

Candidates experience an inclusive process, tailored to attract and engage them

With intelligent automation, flexible workflow configuration, and bulk processing capabilities throughout, Oleeo is proven to improve both speed and quality of hire. Oleeo’s award-winning platform is built to ensure that patient care is never disrupted by workforce shortages. Oleeo’s expertise helps healthcare providers  overcome their most pressing recruiting challenges

Accelerate Time-to-Hire

With pre-built application templates, intelligent automation, and bulk processing tools throughout, Oleeo enables you to speed up hiring processes.

Excel at High Volume Hiring

With AI and bulk processing embedded throughout, Oleeo’s intelligent automation takes talent from application to interview in as little as 35 minutes, application to hire in three days, and application to rehire in under five minutes.

Differentiate your Employer Brand

Oleeo enables you to engage diverse talent with content that speaks to your values and culture, through branded career sites, hiring events, and tailored candidate nurture campaigns.

Achieve Diversity & Inclusion Goals

Oleeo was designed with diversity capabilities embedded throughout. With Oleeo, you can gain deep analytic insights into the state of D&I in recruiting and use tools like Intelligent Selection and Intelligent Writing to hardwire D&I into your processes, creating inclusive candidate experiences and achieving your diversity goals.

Deliver Recruiting ROI

Oleeo is built to enable recruiters to identify and report on maximum return-on-investment. Oleeo reduces administrative workloads for recruiters and hiring managers alike, and gives candidates a streamlined experience, including self-scheduling of interviews.

Simplify Background Checks

With Oleeo, you can automate pre-employment vetting and DBS checks using online forms, which are pre-populated with previously gathered information, allowing recruiters to process candidates easily and in bulk.

Report on Your Results

Oleeo includes data rich dashboards for reporting and tracking. Recruiters can view statuses of openings/vacancies at anytime, and provide instant updates on campaigns.

Meet High Compliance Standards

Regularly audited to meet industry and government standards, Oleeo ensures the tightest, up-to-date security measures are implemented and monitored using regular security audits, compliance checks, and protection of sensitive data. Oleeo is accredited to ISO-27001 standards.

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