How Marks & Spencer use Intelligent Selection

Helping transform Marks & Spencer recruitment with AI.

Marks & Spencer recruitment are currently using Oleeo’s algorithms alongside their assessment centres to make informed selection decisions in a fraction of the time – almost 40% less time than before! This helps strengthen the conversion rates of interviews to hires.

AI is complementing an application system that could handle the high volumes of applications to roles across the UK to help it be able to offer exceptional customer service to the 33 million plus customers that come through its doors and over 6.1 million people that log-on to its website every single week. Typically customer assistant vacancies alone were creating between 35 and 40,000 vacancies per year largely during the seasonal peaks of Easter, summer and Christmas. In total, the store was receiving at least 200,000 applications for this single role across the UK.

Using Oleeo Technology

The Oleeo Recruiting Enablement Platform helps the Marks & Spencer recruitment team and shared services team handle the hundreds of thousands of applications it receives across the whole organisation. The system, with technology from Oleeo partners integrated within it, affords the organisation more consistency in the recruitment process and better candidate selection in a simple two-step process that takes applicants all the way from application to on-boarding.

M&S is a leading British retailer bringing quality, great value food, clothing and homeware to millions of customers around the world. It is known for being a British value for money retailer, focused on own label businesses, including Food, Clothing & Home, in the UK and internationally. Today, it operates a family of businesses, selling high-quality, great value own-brand products in the UK and in 62 countries, from 1,519 stores and 44 websites globally.

Intelligent Selection from Oleeo harnesses data science and machine learning algorithms to fuel AI-driven recruitment and make prescriptive recommendations for interview and hire decisions. Using data points found in CV/resumes, application forms and online test scores, it identifies candidate abilities, competencies, skills & experience with built-on de-biasing. This technology helps recruiters make better informed decisions in a fraction of the time. At a time when the competition for talent is fierce, this helps you hire even faster.

Intelligent selection is based on predictive scoring and prescriptive recommendations that measure skills, cultural fit, offer acceptance probability and probable retention. The AI-driven recruitment tool helps to prioritise candidates who should be advanced to interview or assessment stages, starting with your existing selection framework and then incorporating all of your selection tools & data.

Intelligent Selection provides AI-driven recruitment and enhances conversions and preserves an ideal representation of hires versus applicants. Built on thousands of data points derived from candidates’ resumes and profiles, it helps to foster diversity and accelerate candidate selection. Intelligent Selection algorithms are optimised to ensure no adverse selection and deliver regulatory compliance to laws such as GDPR in the EU and EEOC in the US.

Tailored algorithms elegantly handle high-volume automation and deliver at-a-glance qualified, quality candidate recommendations critical to recruiting success in large-scale hiring environments. Our algorithms will help companies to use AI-driven recruitment to shift from being reactive to proactive in balancing the need to accurately and quickly identify high-quality candidates while simultaneously ensuring compliance and diversity. Click the buttons below to read the case study or talk to us today about how we can assist.