Make job interview scheduling seamless with Oleeo


Make job interview scheduling seamless with Oleeo.

From mobile self-scheduling and high volume itineraries to speeding up collaboration and feedback, Oleeo Interview Management simplifies the interview experience and gives everyone precious time back and make job interview scheduling seamless.

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Using Oleeo Technology

Oleeo Interview Management simplifies the interview experience for candidates and interviewers alike. From mobile self-scheduling and high volume itineraries to speeding up collaboration and feedback, never has it been so easy to build structured plans for interviewing and ensure consistent hiring processes.


It is about who you are sourcing, selecting, and hiring; who you are engaging, retaining, developing, and promoting. Diversity is any dimension that can be used to differentiate groups and people from one other, such as age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, national origin, first language, and so on. This video will help you truly understand how to go about doing this and the evidence that exists to back it up.


It is about how you are culturally and socially accepting and welcoming everyone, how you are creating a sense of belonging for all, and how you are ensuring everyone feels valued. Achieving both Diversity and Inclusion is key to driving the best performance. D&I is not just a set of tactics. It’s a strategy that, when successfully implemented, can create significant business impact. This video makes this easier to understand so that Inclusive Diversity in Hiring can more easily be achieved.

Simplify and accelerate the process when planning and-executing high-volume interview days. Allow different workflows and processes for different types of interviews. Instantly capture feedback through online forms, which can be imported into Excel, or sent into the system in an e-mail using a dedicated URL

Dashboards also display holistic views of all upcoming interviews a manager has, containing links to the application history of a candidate for fast and easy access. Oleeo makes job interview scheduling and management feel easier with a one stop manager (all interviews, schedules and calendars in one place) to coordinate the creation of all interview types on one system – including schedules, agendas, appointment management, confirmations and more.

Auto-assign business users to make sure the right people are aware when they need to participate at interviews with just a click of a button and gather feedback faster – simplify follow up and gather structured feedback from everyone on the interview stored in one place.

Oleeo lets you co-ordinate the entire interview process on the one system including schedules, agendas, appointment management, confirmations and more. Achieve up to 30% time savings. It also includes automated e-mail functionality – e-mails can be automatically triggered or manually tailored, including calendar invites, confirmations and requests for feedback.

All of this means you can ensure a consistent hiring process: one that runs across all candidates and can seamlessly follow rigorous interview kits for compliance purposes. Bulk actions can also be performed to handle high volumes: recruiters can also capture the status of a candidate’s interview attendance with a single click.

Candidates can self-schedule, reschedule and cancel interviews from any device from a central hub which is also a private page of their own that can only be accessed by logging in. This page hosts all of their registration history and empowers them to view information to help them learn more about the company. Having everything on one system means data is no longer held in different locations, and all information can be easily consolidated into one record so candidates don’t have to repeat themselves.

Super Days can also be organised in one go: when the preferred interview slot is confirmed, candidates can have plans delivered for whole day sessions including itinerary creation to allow them to prepare in advance.


With intelligent automation, configurable workflows and data-driven recommendations, Recruiting Enablement is poised to help recruiters and the organizations they serve achieve a recruiter experience that does what recruitment marketing has done for the candidate’s experience – make it more effective, ]more relevant and most importantly – more human again. Click the buttons below to access the video or talk to us today about how we can assist.

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