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Oleeo intelligent Job Posting helps you ensure attraction ROI.

This short video gives you more information on what the tool offers to help you benefit from AI-driven intelligent job posting using Oleeo technology.

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Using Oleeo Technology

Make your attraction approach more effective and efficient through optimised recruitment advertising and programmatic retargeting. Understand how your target talent are using different communication channels to help inform how you spend your recruitment marketing budget. Oleeo Intelligent Job Posting includes all of this and much more:


It is about who you are sourcing, selecting, and hiring; who you are engaging, retaining, developing, and promoting. Diversity is any dimension that can be used to differentiate groups and people from one other, such as age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education, national origin, first language, and so on. This video will help you truly understand how to go about doing this and the evidence that exists to back it up.


It is about how you are culturally and socially accepting and welcoming everyone, how you are creating a sense of belonging for all, and how you are ensuring everyone feels valued. Achieving both Diversity and Inclusion is key to driving the best performance. D&I is not just a set of tactics. It’s a strategy that, when successfully implemented, can create significant business impact. This video makes this easier to understand so that Inclusive Diversity in Hiring can more easily be achieved.

Real-time analytics on job post performance: understand how your job ads are performing with the most up-to-date data so you can make optimisations quickly and efficiently.Track job views, applicants, conversion rates, cost-per-applicant and more.
Detailed reporting: View job-level performance reporting for all your jobs, be it a paid-for post or a free online post. Identify the sources that produce the highest candidate volume and quality for different job types,
Full recruitment funnel metrics: as well as monitoring marketing efforts, recruiters can also gain access to important recruitment funnel metrics such as cost-per-quality-applicant and cost-per-hire using Oleeo technology.

Take control of your talent acquisition with:

Improved online candidate attraction: target your ideal candidates on a pay-per-click (PPC) or pay-per-application (PPA) model through an extensive network of partner websites

Real-time ROI control: control your recruitment marketing budget at the most granular level to get the best ROI.

Rule-based bid management: set rules to govern your job advertising budget to achieve the best results with automated adjustments to ensure your campaign is running at total efficiency,

Actionable reports and insights: utilise real-time data to make strategic decisions to maximise your campaign.

Help candidates enjoy the recruitment process and stay engaged:

Keep front of mind: promote your targeted ad messages to active and passive candidates where they spend their time online – based on demographics, location, interests and skills.
Encourage application completions: reengage job seekers who may have expressed interest in your company but never actually applied by targeting them through social, search, display and communities.
Sell your employer value proposition: help candidates feel aligned to your employer brand and help build advocacy and lower costs-per-hire.

Make life simple for managers outside of the resourcing team:

Hire best fit candidates: feel confident that candidates have been nurtured and are qualified against your predefined requirements of the roles.
Broaden sourcing of candidates: be able to run targeted advertising to promote your jobs to active and passive candidates on the websites and platforms they frequent on a regular basis in budget-friendly ways.
Increasing confidence that a candidate will be a good fit: the number one priority!

This short video gives you more information on what the tool offers to help you benefit from AI-driven intelligent job posting using Oleeo technology. Click the buttons below to access the video or talk to us today about how we can assist.

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