Benefit from Virtual Recruitment Panels using Oleeo technology


Benefit from Virtual Recruitment Panels using Oleeo technology.

Applicant assessment needn’t be an arduous task – virtual recruitment panels can ease your candidate scoring burdens! Oleeo Intelligent Assessment Scoring is a module based on auto scoring of competency questions (including Civil Service Success Profile Behaviours) using the Oleeo Data Science platform. It supports your recruiters to assess applicant competency responses quickly and without bias. The tool harnesses machine learning algorithms to automatically score candidates’ responses to your competency questions using advanced text analysis to determine evidence of abilities, competencies, skills and experience.


Using Oleeo Technology

Reading and scoring competency answers in volume is a challenging and time-consuming task for recruiters. Unconscious bias and fatigue unfortunately affect recruiter scoring in bulk. This tool provides a ‘virtual screener panel member’ (virtual recruitment panels) service that supports your recruiters and tackles bias and fatigue. Users can use the tool to review bias-free scoring of competency question responses alongside individual sifter (or panel member) scores and adjust for any inconsistencies or bias.

Oleeo’s study shows that instead of weighing up different companies and limiting their applications to the employer brands they rate, candidates are applying a more scatter-gun approach, basing their decision to apply on minimum job requirements and criteria, such as location and salary. To combat the low rate of hire, candidates are applying to up to 30 different jobs and are not becoming invested in a particular brand at the early stages of the recruitment process – because the likelihood of receiving a response is slim.

Oleeo’s research suggests that this technology is a much needed support for recruiters who typically have 91 tasks to perform as part of the hiring process. However, it isn’t the only solution. To deal with a candidate community focused on the ‘job brand’, employers also need to review their hiring processes. Instead of having a static, one-size fits all approach, they need to implement multiple hiring funnels designed around the individual needs of specific roles, so that it’s much easier for candidates to see the specifics of a role, upfront. The report also shows that when employers implement multiple hiring funnels it allows them to target job seekers like a marketer targets consumers; tailoring the selection criteria and screening so that it’s appropriate for each job group, and allowing communication and content to be specific for each audience.

Intelligent Assessment scoring is consistent, reliable and enables your recruiters to identify and expedite the most suitable applicants through to interview/shortlisting. This is a tool specifically for scoring free text competency answers and is currently configured to Government’s Success Profiles Behaviours framework. Oleeo can adapt this approach to any other competency-based framework if provided with historical data to help train the analytical model along with fixed lists of questions mapped to individual competencies.

Automated scoring of competency questions uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and machine learning. This analyses text structure and content to determine the quality of response with reference to historical data from your past hiring decisions and is de-biased in the process. This tool is intended to support and not replace recruiters. It enables a more reliable and consistent approach to scoring competency questions.

The service scores free text answers based on how they match the competencies the question is looking to address and is performance assessed using inter-rater reliability techniques as well as de-biasing procedures. The tool has been tested to ensure consistency with the scoring approach designed by government statisticians.


Recruiters can use this tool when sifting applications and candidates’ competency answers individually or when sifting in bulk. Individually panel members can manually submit scores using a sift scoring form and can then click a button to compare their scores to the automated competency scores. When the automated intelligent score appears, recruiters can review and decide whether they wish to change their own score or not.

Recruiters can also use this service when sifting/ scoring in bulk from collated panel scoring. Panel scores are uploaded in bulk by the recruiter and alongside this automated competency scores are shown on a table layout (spreadsheet view) in the Oleeo Recruit ATS. This datasheet gives you more information on what the tool offers to help you benefit from virtual recruitment panels using

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