A Recruiters’ Guide to Employer Branding

Employer Branding E-guide preview

A Recruiters' Guide to Employer Branding.

Employer Branding E-guide preview

Your Employer Branding Play Book.

The face of recruitment has changed drastically in the past few years.

More than ever before, job seekers concern themselves with employer branding or the perception of an organization and its values, culture, and benefits. In fact, 75% of prospective employees consider an employer brand before applying.

However, a strong employer brand is not just important to candidates — it’s just as advantageous to you as a recruiter. A developed employer brand ensures you attract the top talent! And, as an extra bonus – it also decreases the cost, time, and resources needed to hire the best applicants.

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You’ll learn:

  • What is employer branding?
  • Why your employer brand matters.
  • Employer brand basics.
  • How to bring your company to life. 
  • Creating an ongoing employer brand strategy.

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