Data-driven Intelligent Talent Acquisition Platform Video

Data-driven Recruiting

Data-driven Intelligent Talent Acquisition Platform Video.

Learn from this video why talent acquisition leaders must pivot to data-driven recruiting, and empower all recruiters to support diverse and inclusive strategies.

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Using Oleeo Technology.

Intelligent Talent Acquisition: Leveraging Data and Automation to Achieve Great, Diverse Hires details how recruiting leaders can address pressing talent acquisition challenges by adopting new tools and strategies that expand diverse talent pools, enable tailored employer value propositions, improve decision making, mitigate bias, and speed up the alignment of recruiting with the desired business outcomes regardless of strategy, complexity and volume. Such innovations are needed to help recruiters around some of their biggest challenges including talent shortages, rising competition, candidates casually applying for vacancies and shortlisting later and corporate pressures around diversity & inclusion levels.

Leaders are once again at the dawn of a game changer, known as Intelligent Talent Acquisition, which is transforming the hiring experience to make it more effective, efficient, and relevant, as outlined in this paper – the most competitive businesses adopt automated and data-driven recruiting technology.

As a practice, Intelligent Talent Acquisition encompasses the processes, content, and technology that empower talent acquisition teams to recruit both efficiently and effectively at high volumes and high velocity. This is enabled by Intelligent Talent Acquisition technology, such as that provided by Oleeo, which drives automated and data-driven recruiting, and empowers recruiters to support diverse and inclusive strategies at high volumes and through multiple configurable workflows.

Too often the focus of recruiting is on filling vacancies and ignores the ultimate goal, which is to make the best possible hires. Intelligent Talent Acquisition removes the need to choose between speed and quality, and helps recruiting become a strategic, evidence-led function where data-driven automation and decision making is proven to result in great diverse hires.

Intelligent Talent Acquisition Platforms include the following characteristics:


Built to work with your existing technology stack, Intelligent Talent Acquisition platforms include functionality to support applicant tracking, assessments and screening, candidate engagement, interview management, and event management.


Built to support diverse and inclusive recruiting strategies, Intelligent Talent Acquisition platforms allow recruiters to design and execute on highly tailored workflows that include the specific processes and content unique to specific scenarios.


Built to help recruiters reinvest their time into high-value activities, Intelligent Talent Acquisition platforms include data-driven automation to speed bulk activities, such as sifting, screening, assessing, interview scheduling, and making job offers.


Built to help recruiters pinpoint and advance best-fit candidates that meet diversity and inclusion objectives at scale, Intelligent Talent Acquisition platforms use AI and machine learning to remove bias from and give insight into the effectiveness of recruiting processes.


Built to nurture diverse and inclusive strategies, next-generation Intelligent Talent Acquisition platforms combine data-driven decision making with the ability to deliver tailored content at every step in the workflow

Intelligent automation

With configurable workflows and data-driven recommendations, Intelligent Talent Acquisition is poised to help recruiters and the businesses they serve achieve a recruiter experience that does what recruitment marketing has done for the candidate’s experience: make it more effective, more efficient, more relevant and, most importantly, more human again. 

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