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Quick guide to assessing recruiting event effectiveness.

In-person recruiting events are (wrongly) thought to be some of the hardest recruitment spend to measure, but it doesn’t have to be that way. This worksheet will take you through how to measure and manage your way to Recruiting Event Effectiveness. First, if you don’t already have one, create a scorecard so you and your team can start tracking how effective you really are based on your company’s specific recruiting objectives.

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When you’ve finally gotten all your metrics and numbers where you want them and you might already be seeing a pattern. For example, is there an inexpensive event you attend that manages to give you almost 30% of your intern hires? Perhaps upping time and spend there makes sense. On the other hand, maybe your CTO’s alma mater is not only costing you a fortune in travel time and expenses but it’s also providing tons of applicants who never make it past the first round. Maybe it’s time to move that event out of the rotation.

However, if you’re not seeing those obvious trends jumping out at you, there’s a way to dive even deeper into these numbers. Let’s create a funnel. Here’s what you’ll need to gather:

Once you have all this data, put it to work for you. You’ll know which schools should be pulled off your schedule and which you may want to spend more time at -fore example! It will also help you calculate where you’re going to spend any newly identified freed budget.

If you’re in the recruiting business, you know finding good, qualified talent is no easy task. It can take months and hundreds if not thousands of dollars to fill those open positions. More frustrating is that these issues stem from simply not being able to get the one-on-one facetime that you need with a candidate. Recruitment events offer you a chance to meet and speak with multiple candidates while also letting them get to know your company and employees on an even deeper level before the interview even starts. But, the process of putting on such an event isn’t a stroll in the park either.

In order to use an event to its fullest advantage, ensure that this process and information is available to your entire team. It may even be beneficial to conduct an overview meeting, and have everyone carry business cards and little notepads with them while they mingle during the event. Recruiting events give your company the opportunity to reach candidates like never before while also showcasing your abilities as a company.

Recruiting Events Quick Guide

Don’t have any engaged recruiters? Explore that a little bit. Do they have a say in what kind of gifts they’re giving away? The application suite they use while on the road? Do your diversity or campus recruiters have a direct line to the head of talent acquisition or are their suggestions routed elsewhere (or completely ignored)? These are the folks that are on the road for much of the year. It’s worth it to give them a say in how they attract new recruits.

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