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Campus Recruiting Buyers Guide.

This guide runs through the most common challenges recruiters face on campus, and the solutions needed to solve these challenges. The features to consider most when searching for the right system to meet all of your organization’s needs is also examined.

84% of employers understand that college hiring is important. Yet almost all agree that it’s really hard to attract good college talent. How can you make it easier for your recruitment team to find the right talent faster? Dilemmas such as these can be remedied with the right campus recruiting solution. To find the right solution, it’s important to first audit your current campus recruiting strategy. Do you have the right tactics in place?


Using Oleeo Technology.

Investing in a solution to help plan campus recruitment efforts is the first step to solving the issues listed above. Some systems may focus more on event organization, and others may focus on managing multiple interviews, offers and resumes. The most important thing to remember when evaluating each is to ensure the solution meets the needs most important to your recruitment team, ideally in one unified system.

Tools to Alleviate Administrative Burden:

On average, recruiters are spending almost 2 hours each day on administrative tasks. This can include updating multiple spreadsheets or calendars and emailing multiple stakeholders about updates. Take away this burden and streamline tasks by using a system that unifies communication throughout the whole department and with candidates. Recruiters will then be able to complete these tasks with one update instead twelve.

Ability to Streamline the Screening Process:

Did you know recruiters can receive about 250 applications per job opening? In the four to five hours at a career fair, they can also meet with dozens of candidates and receive contact information for all of them. The hard part is then taking those applications from the events and finding the right talent before the competition scoops them up. Finding a solution to address this issue can be the difference between getting a “yes” after extending an offer to a candidate, or getting a “no” because the competition got to them first. According to research Oleeo conducted with Universum, “competition is tougher than you might imagine – Across almost one million campus applications reviewed, an average of 50-90,000 students apply for programs. Of those applying, only approximately 2% make the offers stage, whereas an average of 70% of candidates find themselves screened out from the start. A further 17% end up dropping out, declining or reneging because the process is taking too long to get to offer stage”

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