Campus Recruiter’s Handbook: Appealing to Gen Z Grads

Campus Recruiter's Handbook E-guide preview

Campus Recruiter's Handbook: How to Appeal to Gen Z Grads.

Campus Recruiter's Handbook E-guide preview

Your campus recruiting playbook.

When done well, campus recruiting can help you find and attract the top graduate talent. 

But if you want to land the best that Generation Z has to offer, you’ll need to revamp old strategies. Both recruitment channels and jobseeker priorities have changed, and a competitive market makes it necessary for employers to adapt.

Oleeo’s guide shares our top tips for campus hiring and best practices for early career recruiting.

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You’ll learn:

  • The modern campus recruiting landscape.
  • Wants and needs of a Gen Z employee.
  • How to attract demanding Generation Z employees.
  • How to find, win and keep the best new graduates. 

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