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Recruitment event management should be something every recruiter looks forward to. It’s a time when they can  see potential candidates all at once, up close and in-person. High-volume hiring events, especially,  give them the ability to talk to applicants, have impromptu interviews and even make an offer  right there on the spot.

However, most of the time, events are something recruiters grow tired of because of the energy  and work required. Whether your recruiters are going to an event or your company is hosting one,  recruiting events can become stressful if you don’t have the right tools and are continuously  relying on updated spreadsheets and memos to help meet your goals.  

Using Oleeo Technology.

Your recruiters and talent acquisition team, in general, will be more successful and your company  will meet more goals when you leave an event with the best résumés/CVs in hand. How can you  ensure this happens? Investing in technology that helps recruiters stay energized about  high-volume hiring events to attract, engage and hire the right diverse talent faster than ever  before is one full-proof way to meet your high-volume recruitment goals. When it comes to recruitment event management software, what should you look for and how should you evaluate each vendor?

Go through this quick checklist to make sure you’re making the right investment for your team to unleash their potential!

Assess Your Current Events Needs

Your recruiters know what it takes to make a high-volume hiring event successful. Learn what  tools are working, what’s not and what might be missing in your strategy so you can seek out the  perfect recruitment event management software.

What to Look for In an Events Software

You’ve gathered answers and feedback from those on the frontlines and you know what’s working and what needs some help. Now it’s time to fill in the gaps and start looking at the tools that will get you results.When planning or attending a recruitment event, there are certain things attendees expect to see when they arrive. What are the musts that your investment should feature?

Make a Wish List and Have Your Questions Ready

If you could imagine the best tool to put on a great recruitment event, or obtain the best  presence at high-volume hiring events, what would it look like? Make a list of the features you would want most and help you make each event a success to attract, engage and hire the best talent faster. Indicate which items are deal breakers, must-haves and nice to haves.

Once you have your wishlist

Take the time to build a list of questions to ask when vetting vendors  that will help you gauge whether or not their philosophies align with your own when it comes to  recruiting the best quality talent at hiring events.

Oleeo for Recruiting Event Management Brochure.

Thumbnails of documents can be clicked on to get a snapshot of contents quickly and you can put event management and feedback tracking in the palm of your hand by using the Oleeo app to track candidates, provide instant feedback and add comments in real time. Plus you can collate all registrations together into a printable book to assist with preparing auto-assigned business users chosen to participate in particular events.

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