Transforming British Transport Police Recruiting


Helping the British Transport Police recruit a diverse workforce.

Challenge: The British Transport Police (BTP) is the national police force for the railways in England, Scotland and Wales. Every day, the force polices the journeys of more than six million passengers over 3,000 railway stations and depots. It has an aim to get these members of the public home safe, secure and on time. Critical to achieving this is having a workforce that reflects the communities it serves, including having officers that share cultural experiences and backgrounds to the diverse population of Great Britain.Over 8.6 million people use the rail network every day and the force’s mission is to help get people home safe, secure and on time. They police Britain’s railways, providing a service to rail operators, their staff and passengers across the country. They also police the London Underground, Docklands Light Railway, the Midland Metro tram system, Croydon Tramlink, Tyne and Wear Metro, Glasgow Subway and Emirates AirLine.

Using Oleeo Technology

What led to the need for a new system?

The BTP is a busy force with over 550 vacancies to fill each year to support the operations of its force, which includes 1,400 head office staff helping to ensure over 3,400 officers can police 10,000 miles of track and face all of the challenges they meet. It was struggling to attract applications to fill these roles and was particularly keen to progress applications from women and black minority ethnic applicants to better reflect some of the diverse communities across the country.

 What did Oleeo deliver?

Oleeo deployed its Police solution to the force and worked with the team to help reshape the recruitment process. Since then, a new recruitment approach has now been launched that streamlines applications all the way from attraction through to on-boarding and crucially allows the force to monitor diversity performance and host events to maintain positive perceptions from all applicants whatever their background.

Commended by the Association of Chief Police Officers, Oleeo Police is used by over 70% of forces across England, Wales and Scotland (100% coverage in Wales and Scotland). In fact, it is the only solution available to use national application forms and make them configurable to the needs of regional recruitment teams to help ensure forces recruit to reflect the communities they serve.


Since deploying Oleeo, the BTP has seen numerous benefits including:

Improved use of government positive action provisions to improve diversity in their workforce when recruiting and promoting candidates

Oleeo has made applications more candidate friendly and support the BTP with events to fulfil this need

Compared to previous years, these actions have doubled the numbers of successful female and black and minority ethnic applicants.

Oleeo provides the BTP with detailed reports and filters so they can report information to ministers or chief constables at any given time and demonstrate full compliance in doing so.

The BTP are also able to use the Oleeo system to hold talent pool applications and have continuous engagement with promising talent who want to join the force outside of a normal application window.


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