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Avon and Somerset Police

Avon and Somerset Police have streamlined their recruitment process, generating greater flexibility and efficiency.



Main challenges

Manual processes and poor candidate engagement

Key benefit

Improved accuracy to hire

A forward-thinking police force reaping the benefits of talent acquisition software

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Formed in 1974, Avon and Somerset Police force currently employs 6,000 members of staff — from puppy walkers and uniformed officers to tech, HR professionals and a 24-hour-a-day press team. They serve the areas of Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. So with such a large area to cover and various departments to recruit for, it’s clear that a streamlined recruitment process could lend a hand.

Avon and Somerset Police historically relied on a basic, web-based advertising system for recruitment. As a result, the applications were old-school, where applicants could fill in an online form or post a printed form to the recruitment team. 

The entire process was manual and fragmented, with tedious back and forth communication between departments slowing each recruitment drive considerably. Sifting through piles of paperwork, manually updating spreadsheets, and emailing candidates individually to update them on their progress — it was clear there had to be another way.

“With Oleeo, we’re constantly improving the candidate experience and cutting admin time in the process. We’re able to make changes with tangible results.”

Ben Hopkins, Talent Acquisition Recruitment Media Specialist

Avon and Somerset Police needed:

Avon and Somerset Police needed a solution that reduced the workload for everyone, regardless of department. That streamlined communications, took the heavy lifting out of recruitment drives, and made the process much more efficient for hiring managers and candidates.

Why Oleeo and how was the implementation process?

With so many different roles to recruit for, each required a tailored recruitment strategy with a process that reflected candidate expectations. And that’s where Oleeo comes into play.

Oleeo’s talent acquisition software helps create an instantly transparent recruitment process for everyone. It improves candidate, hiring manager and in-house recruiter experience, reducing human error and increasing workplace efficiency.

Once Oleeo was implemented, departments noticed a change in the number of emails they were receiving from other staff members. Why? Because there’s no need for people to chase applications! Instead, by just glancing at the screen, the recruitment team can see which stage each application is at, receiving email notifications as the application progresses — keeping everyone in the loop.

“This was never going to be an off the shelf package, instead, it’s moulded perfectly to help support our recruitment challenges. Being able to reach out to the Oleeo support team is invaluable."

Ben Hopkins, Talent Acquisition Recruitment Media Specialist


When a candidate hits the point of offer, they’re automatically passed onto the vetting team. If a health and medical form needs to be reviewed by the occupational health team, they’re automatically notified and the process is kept strictly confidential, with sensitive information redacted for other team members effortlessly complying with GDPR.

The solution is instant and flexible. This ultimately means less traffic to internal departments so everyone can focus on the job at hand.

The Future

Streamlining of processes and automation mean that Somerset and Avon Police can reduce human error and increase workplace efficiency by improving candidate, hiring manager and in-house recruiter experience.

Oleeo Recruit

Used by 70% of the UK police to reduce admin, improve the candidate experience and reduce time to hire

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