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Making campus recruiting a more globally connected, data-driven function.

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A global leader in financial services, Morgan Stanley provides services from investment banking and wealth management to investment management services and has done for over 85 years. And with offices across 42 countries and counting, they’re pretty busy when it comes to recruitment. Recruiting can be time-consuming, and finding and onboarding graduates across multiple countries can quickly become a headache. 

The firm’s employees serve clients worldwide, including corporations, governments, institutions and individuals. And that’s why they needed an applicant tracking system that helps them effortlessly fill crucial graduate roles worldwide.


Morgan Stanley needed a system to help retain its strong brand at target schools while delivering a highly-engaging candidate experience from start to finish. The system also needed to support a new interview process currently being trialed to help easily identify high achievers. A solution that accelerated hiring, helping them pinpoint talent who exhibited integrity, intellectual curiosity, and the desire to work in a friendly, inspiring environment — and that’s exactly where Oleeo comes into play.

Oleeo’s talent acquisition software offers a complete end-to-end system covering the entire college, MBA and PhD recruitment process. Our decades of experience in campus and early careers hiring means that this platform is perfect for helping Morgan Stanley find, nurture and hire the best new talent worldwide.


Once Oleeo was implemented, Morgan Stanley noticed their declined offer rate lowered by 10% across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). And they also witnessed an increased year-round campus presence, with more events outside the busy autumn season, which helped some regions push up their recruitment timeline. The platform enables them to continue focussing on their pre-university strategy, helping them fill their spring and summer analyst initiatives recruitment pipeline from school outreach events. Implementing Oleeo also means their workflows and process maps are enhanced and documented, and campus operations risk measures and controls have been improved overall. Additionally, Morgan Stanley is the first investment bank to launch a strengths-based interviewing process, which has been piloted across most divisions at different stages of the process — this has been made possible by Oleeo’s intuitive recruitment platform. And lastly, streamlining processes, teams, and programs has resulted in a significant campus recruitment cost saving of $1.1 million.

"Oleeo helps us focus on getting meaningful results in campus recruitment. Year on year, we are seeing real differences with a significantly improved candidate experience at the application stage."
Stephanie Ahrens
Executive Director