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WCN Changes Name to Oleeo as It Launches Enhanced Prescriptive Analytics Capabilities

“The world of work has transformed significantly since we first launched more than two decades ago. Our new name, Oleeo, stems from the mid century term Olio, which means a diverse collection of things that together make something extraordinary. Like this word, through our prescriptive analytics and intelligent automation, we help employers easily draw on the biggest possible pool of talent to create brilliant teams,” commented Charles Hipps, founder and CEO, Oleeo. “With us, the efficiency of our technology and the predictive power of data work hand in hand to meet the hiring challenges of today. The result is more effective hiring for companies and a more engaging experience for candidates.”

Frequently leveraged for high-volume recruiting, Oleeo’s intelligent suite of solutions immediately identifies the top third of candidates from an applicant pool,  highlighting the most qualified candidates who should be invited for interview. Hiring improvements achieved as a result include:

  • Time to hire: moving talent from application to interview in as little as 35 minutes in some cases, and from application to hire as rapid as three days, freeing an estimated 156 days each year for recruiters
  • Diversity: Oleeo has helped to improve the diversity of overall hires by up to 30% across its customer base
  • Cost: Oleeo customers report that intelligent automation has helped to deliver savings as high as $1.2 million/£800,000 a year

Stephanie Ahrens, Head of

Oleeo, formerly WCN, is an award-winning provider of innovative

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